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Expanded Pizza Dough Calculator
By Mike (a.k.a. Boy Hits Car)

Expanded Dough Calculator

Expanded Pizza Dough Calculating Tool

This tool was developed by Mike (aka Boy Hits Car) and can be used to determine the ingredients and quantities needed to make any size and number of dough balls, up to 999, using ingredients selected from a list of over 40 ingredients. This broad selection of ingredients allows users to enter ingredients used in the majority of known dough formulations, including all of the standard pizza styles except for deep-dish and those employing preferments, for which specialized tools have already been provided and posted.

There are two options for using the Expanded Dough Calculating tool: the Thickness Factor option and the Dough Weight option. To use the Thickness Factor option, the user enters a thickness factor, a set of workable baker’s percents, the desired pizza size, and the desired number of pizzas. The user of this option can also select the shape of the pizza—either round or rectangular. To use the Dough Weight option, the user enters the known weight of a dough ball (in either grams or ounces), a set of workable baker’s percents, and the desired number of dough balls. In each case, the user selects ingredients from the ingredients list that are used in addition to the standard ingredients of flour, water, yeast and salt. With either option, the tool provides the ingredients and quantities corresponding to the data inputted into the tool. The tool also includes a “bowl residue” feature that allows users to compensate for minor dough losses that can occur during the dough preparation process. For further details, click here

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