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Baking Steel Questions
« on: March 21, 2016, 02:35:31 AM »
I am considering taking the plunge to try out a baking steel and just wanted to have confirmation on some of my questions after reading through multiple threads. There is a lot of opinions, so I thought it would be helpful to just have new answers in one single place.

I have a two deck pizza oven (electric) and plan to buy only one steel to try out (currently have two not well made cordierite stones). I have sourced a non-local (where I am doesn't have any local suppliers that I can find) supplier that will give me a 40x40x1cm (26 kg) steel (a34) for 63 US shipped.

I know I need to ask them to clean up the sides so it doesn't have any burrs. Up one receiving I plan to  soak in vinegar for a couple days then clean off the steel.

Then I know I need to season it, but there are so many opinions on this, still not sure what I should be doing.

1) is that price okay or am I gonna regret it?
2) anything else I should ask the supplier to do to prep the steel?
3) best practice for seasoning the steel (otherwise I'll use soybean oil very thinly as suggested in the most recent thread on the subject)?
4) any other advice?

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