Author Topic: Artisan Pizza and Flatbread in Five Minutes a Day - coming in October  (Read 3210 times)

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I've looked through some of these books, basically just the "no-knead" method, nothing earth shattering and certainly not new. You'll have a lot more success with pizza from the info you can gather on this site, and you don't have to order or spend a dime.
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I do use their Master Artisan Bread recipe once in a while. I especially love looking at photos before deciding to make a recipe. 
I haven't ordered the Artisan Pizza and Flatbread book but I may check it out once it hits the stores.

I got the best dough recipes off this board - which have proven invaluable.

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I've tried a few of their recipes that were either posted on their website or that they published on other sites like KA.  I've also done some no-knead and variations on those.  For me, there is something consistently off about the 5min recipes.  The results are gummy, weird, and have off flavors.  I've had better luck with Lahey's recipes, and even better luck with Lazy Man's Bread from this site.