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Plain and Simple Dough
« on: September 10, 2011, 12:10:25 PM »
Friend asked me why not on site...I though I put up before so here 'tis. Easy pies.

NEAPOLITAN DOUGH - but is fine general recipe.

Below is exactly as copied word-for-word, with comments in italics.

From Chi Trib, 2-21-07 and is that of Spacca Napoli and from conversations with Jonathon Goldsmith, Mr. Spacca himself, no less –

Prep time: 20
Rest time 30 min, 8 hrs in fridge***
Stand time 2 hrs

Yields 4 to 6 , 12+-inch pies. Can freeze dough balls, if nec.

CHGO Tribune 02-07: All-purpose flour is called for in this recipe, adapted from Peter Reinhart’s American Pie: My Search for Perfect Pizza, but do experiment with Italian “OO” flour. We tried with both types and found the dough from “OO” smoother and lighter but not so different. (I use all-purpose and bread flower and pies are fine, King Arthur is also good choice.) Simple, easily obtainable and low cost...works.

You may have to adjust the amount of water, depending on flour brand. Make dough a day ahead and refrigerate. Dough balls can be frozen.

5C      Unbleached all purpose flour or 00 Italian flour
1.75t      Salt   
1t      Quick (instant) rise yeast
1.75C + 2T    Cool water 65 degrees or (near) room temp – and will likely vary a bit

(Toppings below)
1.   Mix all ingredients with electric mixer (dough hook) on low speed; beat until course ball forms, about 4 minutes. (Very loose dough clump.)
Let dough rest 5 minutes; beat until slightly sticky, soft and supple, clears sides and sticks just a little to bottom, about 2 minutes. (If too soft to hold shape, add a bit of flour T at time; if dry, add water at same rate)

2.   Transfer dough to floured counter, Dust with flour. Working from four corners, fold dough into a ball. (Dough is already more or less a ball, so I skip and ...) Place ball in oiled bowl and flip to coat. Cover with plastic wrap (or suitable towel.) Let sit at room temperature 30 minutes; refrigerate at least 8 hours. (I have left in frige over 12 hours…fine.)
***If you must use dough same day, let sit at room temperature 90-minutes, punch down- which I typically forget to do  -  shape into ball return to bowl, cover and refrigerate 2 hours.

3.   Remove from refrigerator 2 hours before baking ( better if 3 hours). Using suitable scrapper or wet knife, separate dough into equal balls, being careful not to deflate dough too much. (I have also skipped this separate balls step, seems not to matter, unless you plan to freeze balls. I keep  in covered bowl 2.3-hours at room temp. in one ball and divide as needed before bake) Lay dough balls on baking sheet with parchment paper, cloth or plastic, oil, loosely cover with wrap. Let rest 2 hours room temp before rolling or tossing into individual pies.

(I use roller or toss or rotate in hands letting gravity do work or tossing. Will make very thin dough with nice edge, but if too thin, dough will get soggy under toppings. If you can see through dough, too thin.)

Once tried, you won’t change. It freezes well and no-thaw bake time short. Can make this dough a day ahead or weeks, it freezes in balls or as frozen whole pizzas.

Never use anything but cornmeal, unless you are baking on parchment papers. Even then, cornmeal makes it easier.
If using stone and have no pizza peel, upside down cookie sheet will do with cornmeal.
Use cornmeal on pans, stone and pans or peel before placing dough on them for assembly.
Fold in half to move to and place on cornmeal-covered peel or pan.

Brush dough with OO but can omit

Add toppings

Bake on very hot stone…550 or more…depending on oven.
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