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Napoli's Pizza Mohegan Lake,NY
« on: October 01, 2012, 09:05:59 PM »
I was strolling down memory lane,of my days from living in NY more than 12 years prior.I came across this on Yelp,and It took me back to the days I would go to this place when I was in the area.

The owners call their Pizza Neapolitan Style.Back then,I did not know exactly what that meant.However,the pizza was a bit different tasting compared to the other joints in the area.
There were times it was really,super good.Other times,it left an weird after taste,as if too much oil oozed out of the slices and seared my tongue in the process.

The place is pretty much a dive,and the reviews confirmed it.There is very little seating and the bathroom is a joke.You get your slices shoved into a paper bag.They are cheap and dont give you enough napkins.

If you drive home,the oil will leak out of the paper bag and get all over the seat.
There were 2 Owners or partners when I left NY.When I would go there,one of the Owners would always call me Lucky,because at the time,I drove a Bright Red Corvette and showed up there a few times with different girls.In my 20's,having a nice sports car did have its perks.
I didnt go there to take the girls out to eat,I went there to get takeout!

Sorry,I'm going down memory lane again...anyways aside from that,their chickenparm was incredible.It did not taste anything like the more common style I was used to in NY.Same for the eggplant and calzones.I do not know why they sort of stood out over the others at times,but for a place like that,you never expected it.I watched them make pies,they used cheese cubes,and it looked like a mix of 2 different cheeses.Back then I never asked,nor gave a thought about Pizza making.It was available everywhere.

I can recall,the Owner would SLAM or POUND the dough down loudly on the counter top before he started shaping it.His hands were enormous in width,probably from slamming all them years.You would hear a BOOM<BOOM<BOOM if he was making a fresh pie.

Sorry this is long,I wanted to share this.If you are ever in that area,give it a try.Maybe it has changed a bit over the years,maybe not.But it is not Neapolitan style like in Italy,or what many here make.But make no mistake,these old Italian guys are old school and can make some super good pizzas.



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Re: Napoli's Pizza Mohegan Lake,NY
« Reply #1 on: November 12, 2012, 08:46:52 PM »
The 2 owners are brothers, Joe and Tony.  They brought Napoli's in probably the 70's and were located on North Division St. in Peekskill.  They were there for many years and sold the shop.  Years later, they reopened on Broad St. in Peekskill when they brought Bill's Food Market.  They eventually opened their pizza store on one side of the market and eventually closed the market and keep the pizza.  After closing there, they moved to their current location in Mohegan Lake.  There pizza is as good as ever.  I have eaten there pizza for most of my life.  I am addicted.

I may be off on my timeline a little, but it is one of my favorite pizza places.