Author Topic: All Trumps + Ischia + Malted Milk + Long Room Temp  (Read 1677 times)

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All Trumps + Ischia + Malted Milk + Long Room Temp
« on: June 01, 2009, 11:54:19 PM »

I have been experimenting to get better crispiness in my high-heat pizzas. These were pretty good, and gave me a chance to try malted milk powder.

Flour: All Trumps unbleached/unbromated High Gluten 100%
Water: 60%
Salt: 1%
Carnation Instant Original Malted Milk: 2%
Ischia Yeast: 5.5%

(bowl residue 2.5%)

Ferment: 14  hrs room temp (70 degrees F)
Proof: 6.5 hours room temp (71 degrees F)
Bake: 700 degrees
Eat: Under 10 minutes each

-Soft interior. Some crispiness on the bottom (which I was shooting for) – especially the second (red) one.
-Dough handled wonderfully.
-I couldn’t detect much difference in flavor between using sugar vs. malted milk powder (I tried this recipe previously with sugar instead of malted milk).
-No sour flavor from the yeast in the crust.
-The malted milk seemed to have impact on the coloration of the crust (a little more brownish hue).

Still working on getting more crispiness though…