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Off-Topic Foods / Re: Today's Bread
« Last post by foreplease on Today at 06:38:40 PM »
Iím kinda new here. Just got the Emille Henry ceramic clouche, and it kicks butt on my first couple attempts.
Looks teriffic. Welcome aboard!
Off-Topic Foods / Re: Searzall Pastor
« Last post by foreplease on Today at 06:37:07 PM »
Kind of a burnt ends & gyro thing. Looks delicious. Love the method.
Starters/Sponges / Re: Confused: Starter vs Levain
« Last post by hotsawce on Today at 04:50:55 PM »
Letting the dough temper a bit made it easier to stretch but as I suspected, the dough itself was still pretty dense.
Off-Topic Foods / Re: Today's Bread
« Last post by GualtieroIlVecchio on Today at 02:30:45 PM »
Same procedure as last year week...
New York Style / Re: Essen1's NY-style pizza project
« Last post by Essen1 on Today at 02:28:26 PM »
I could be wrong but I have a hunch that the oil amount factors in as well. We use a very similar recipe. I see more micro blistering at 2% oil than 1%.

Good hunch to have.  ;D

I didn't take the oil into account but it could certainly have an influence. The formula contained 2% oil.
Off-Topic Foods / Re: Searzall Pastor
« Last post by TXCraig1 on Today at 02:22:25 PM »
You liking the Searzall, how long have you had it, any issues at all???

I've had it for a couple years. Never had an issue. For some things like this, I like it a lot. For browning a large piece of meat out of SV, not so much. It's not enough power for large jobs.
General Pizza Making / First Neo-neopolitan
« Last post by ARenko on Today at 02:14:09 PM »
I've just started making pizza's.  Ultimate goal is a pizza party oven and neopolitan's, but for now I'm making them on a stone in my oven - I can get the stone to 565F.  First several attempts were decent, but not that great - insufficient oven spring and not so flavorful crust.  My most recent attempt was Reinhart's Neo-neopolitan from Artisan Breads Every Day with the additional two stretch and folds with 5 minutes rest that he recommends on his pizzaquest blog.  These were far better than the previous.  The formulation I used was the first one by fazzari here...https://www.pizzamaking.com/forum/index.php?topic=11917.0

Unbleached bread flour (I used KABF)100.00%
Salt                                                 2.00
Instant yeast                                      .44
Sugar or honey (optional)                     4.2
Water                                              71.00
Olive oil (optional)                                4.2

Flour (I used KABF)                          27.60 oz
Salt                                                 .55 oz
Instant yeast                                     .12 oz
Malted Barley syrup                            1.15 oz
Water                                             19.6 oz
Olive oil                                            1.15 oz

I have a couple questions...

The dough balls turned into dough pancakes.  Is it normal for such high hydration, this flour, and or recipe?  I reballed one of the five balls 24 hours before bake, then again 7 hours before bake along with a second ball at 7 hours before bake.  Both balls were taken out of the fridge two hours before bake and 30 hours since initial forming.  They both exhibited the same properties - stretched without tearing, but were a bit difficult to stretch, wanting to spring back before I got to my desired diameter.  A final stretch on the peel after topping got them to a final diameter between 10.5"-11.5" and 10.5"-12.5" (they were both a bit oval shaped). 

On the stretch and folds... I found that on the second and third attempts the entire dough ball would come up off the counter.  It wasn't a huge ball, so maybe it just needed more mass, but I felt like it wasn't getting a great stretch.  On the third attempt I held the dough down to get a better stretch.  Should I have given more time between S&F's to allow the dough to relax more?

Here are some pics of the two pies...

Starters/Sponges / Re: Confused: Starter vs Levain
« Last post by hotsawce on Today at 01:46:29 PM »
Cooler temp is 41 or lower.

Iíll let a couple balls warm up. It didnít feel tough because of the cold, though. It felt like the dough itself was tough.
Starters/Sponges / Re: Confused: Starter vs Levain
« Last post by HBolte on Today at 01:42:49 PM »
Lou, what is the cooler temp? Do you think letting it warm up a bit before stretching may help?
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