• #8781 by bjc113 on 19 Mar 2017
  • had a party last night...all 16-17 inches!  ;D

    made 5 - a pepperoni, white with prosciutto, pepperoni/jalapeno, and a few more pepperonis (seemed to be the top request)

  • #8782 by AvivNY on 19 Mar 2017
  • They all look great! The white prosciutto is totally up my alley. FedEx me a slice!
  • #8783 by DoouBall on 20 Mar 2017
  • Last night's first attempts - a clone of Apizza Amore from Apizza Scholls and my first crack at Pear Gorgonzola Pizza.
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  • Made some pies on Friday at the shop, this one is a reheat for dinner tonight. Note to self... get a better camera.
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  • had to do some practice on Saturday since I was on withdrawal :D
    First step is admitting you have a problem and need help. That is one beautiful set of problems you have.  ;D
  • #8787 by Basquerider on 20 Mar 2017
  • Had the fam for pizza last week.  Nine peeps including me.  First attempt at 8 doughs.  Home oven, steel and broiler.
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  • Had the fam for pizza last week.  Nine peeps including me.  First attempt at 8 doughs.  Home oven, steel and broiler.

    Wow, 8 for 8! Nicely done  :chef:
  • #8789 by Jersey Pie Boy on 20 Mar 2017
  • Haven't baked in the home oven for quite a while and this seemed like a good time. All Trumps poolish dough with about 6% spelt, I did my RT/CF combo where I put some of the RT at the front end. then a long CF, folllowed by scaling and balling and  then some more RT. If needed for timing the dough rests in the fridge until time to  warm the balls for opening/ The flavor and texture was some of my best. I think. While I  do love my BS, there's nothing like steel for OS. Thanks for looking :)
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  • Really great work by everyone!!
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  • I agree - everyone has done a nice job - Bill - love the color on your pie  :drool: :drool:
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  • Thanks Bob & Norm!
  • #8793 by DoouBall on 21 Mar 2017
  • Hi JerseyPieBoy, that pie looks great! What's your setup for the baking steel in your oven - how far from the broiler? Also, what's your bake/broil method and timing? Are you using just the steel or also a second stone/steel underneath? Is this the 1/4"? Thanks!
  • #8794 by Jersey Pie Boy on 21 Mar 2017
  • Thanks Alex! So, yes, just recently I've added a 3/4 inch stone directly underneath my 1/4 steel, I think it does help the steel recover more quickly between pies, but not sure if it's as quickly as my 1/2 steel without a stone. If I was making more than 2 pies, I probably would have gone to the 1/2 inch.   

    I preheat the steel./stone to full oven temp saturation, then  blast with broiler for about 10 minutes...sometimes a little more...monitoring with IR gun. This time, I let the broil go longer than intended and got the steel reading up to 675...about 50F hotter than i wanted to bake but decided I'd adjust in the timing and go with the softer worked well though i got a bit more rim char than wanted. I didn't have an official clock running last night but this pie baked about 4 minutes then I hit it with the broiler for about 2, maybe 3, doing a little rotating and manuevering for more broiler coverage. Since we baked first, then did rheats of the slices, I gained back any crispness sacrificed with the shorter bake. This one wasn't just fun to was fun to eat  :)

    The second pie, not shown, launched at 625, right where I  wanted it , and baked about 6 minutes. After using the broiler to superheat the steel before launch, I didn't need to use it again for top heat.

    Both pies had lightly oiled rims..I use something neutral like canola oil now..this one was sunflower oil infused with rosemary and black pepper (subtle, unnoticeable, really) I used to use olive oil but found it too strong

    Hope that helps.

  • #8795 by DoouBall on 21 Mar 2017
  • Thanks for all the info! I see that you're baking for 6 minutes - do you like this bake time? I would think the pizzas might be a bit more dry with such a long time, especially compared to your Blackstone. Or are you using a high hydration and a Mozza style dough to compensate?

    Have you found that bake first then broil produces your best results? I usually do broil first on the steel for 1-2 minutes and then transfer the slightly charred pizza to a stone on the bottom shelf to crisp the bottom for 1 minute - a technique from Pizza Bible by Tony Gemignani. This has worked reasonably well but ... it's still not Blackstone quality.
  • #8796 by Jersey Pie Boy on 21 Mar 2017
  • Sure, I  like 6 or even longer depending on the dough. I do often like a crisp bottom, and I didn't find this bake dry at all. Of course, it's less moist than a faster, softer pie, but that's a choice rather than a problem. Not a fan of dry...and it's happened..but thankfully not for a while.  Also, I think when part of that total time is on broil, it's a different texture result than if the total time was on Bake. Not sure of the science, but that's what I get for results.  I do start at Bake, then do broil later. .I've tried broil first, and also tried using a lower stone but don't really see much difference in my finished pie...It might be because I'm baking on steel rather than stone.  My HR isn't Mozza level but it's not too dry these are pretty long fermented doughs which may factor in
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  • Thanks again JPB for the help - I hope it's ok to ask a couple more questions because I'd like to get results like yours

    1)Based on what you said, it sounds like your steel is on the top rack, about 2-3" away from the broiler?

    2)Do you use convection when you're on bake mode or just plain bake? I'm still trying to figure out if convection dries out the pies or helps by cooking them faster.

    3)Do you use malt?


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  • Tonight's.  A little long under the broiler.  Alessi crushed and Polly-O whole milk mozzarella.  Really like the sauce/cheese combo.
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  • looks awesome to me!  :drool:
  • #8800 by Jersey Pie Boy on 21 Mar 2017
  • Alex,

    Sure, of course, no problem..that's why we're here.

    Second rack, more like 7-8 inches from broiler; I like being able to use top rack once in a while, but for me, it's really hard to load into the narrow space, and with the steel, and worse, steel on stone, really hard to pull the rack out and side it back in 

    ...Plain bake,  no convection available, malt only on short fermentation doughs