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General Pizza Making / Re: Post a Pic of Your Pie - Daily Update
« Last post by pizzaco on Today at 02:44:41 AM »
Chicken Tikka Pizza. Came out perfect. Tender and crunchy  :drool:
General Pizza Making / Re: Minolta Rokkor's Pizza Crusade.
« Last post by Minolta Rokkor on Today at 02:43:07 AM »
After 12 hours the beer dough balls proofed a little, they're much softer and smoother than straight water dough.

Then again, i added a little bit too much beer on one batch. 9g+

Okay thank you guys so much. I'll try Galbani and see if I have any success. Here's a delicious pie I today :) https://imgur.com/tUgzT9S
New York Style / Re: Have you had this cheese melt?
« Last post by HarryHaller73 on Today at 12:33:10 AM »
Yeah, I've had good Greek pan bakes at this temp and time. That's how this happened. I still plan to stubbornly try this higher TF/sauce/parm/time and lower mozz pie on the Blackstone and see what happens.

It'll always be a hack untli you get your deck oven.
General Pizza Making / Re: PepperoniMonster's Pizza Journal
« Last post by PepperoniMonster on Today at 12:04:55 AM »
Will post the sauce recipe soon
New York Style / Re: Have you had this cheese melt?
« Last post by Minolta Rokkor on Today at 12:03:31 AM »
Well, after a couple years of detailed experiments measuring to 1/16th of a teaspoon and 1/100th of an ounce, I made a pie today with serious pizzeria flavor...while it encompassed a lot of what I've learned, this was meant to just be a throw-away test of a pan, and the result was largely an accident. And so much of what I did was the opposite of what I usually do for NY pizzas.

TF was a whopping 0.0975. Bake temp was 460, with bake time of 15:30. And it was baked in a pan in my kitchen oven

I spooned an unknown (but pretty large) amount of Sclafani Crushed directly from the can. Sprinkled some garlic powder and basic grocery store oregano on top.

Then came a large dusting of really good parm-reg (no label, cut by a pizzeria distributor). And finished with a small amount (4-5 ounces?) of whole milk grande, cut into small cubes. The pizza was 16''.

It had that flavor that I was always searching for. I knew that the pan bakes I've been doing the past couple months would help my NY pies, but today was a really fortunate event.

Even the pictures don't look like much, but the pie really had flavor. This may have inspired me to put away the pan and cheddar and get back to my quest.
wow, this looks great.
New York Style / Re: Essen1's NY-style pizza project
« Last post by jvp123 on Today at 12:02:11 AM »
Beauty!  :chef:
New York Style / Re: in admiration of the plain cheese slice
« Last post by quietdesperation on Yesterday at 11:36:23 PM »
tonight I had a slice of plain and a slice of sausage. The plain was fabulous, the crust light and thin but flavorful, the sauce great and the cheese was light, yet perfect.

the second slice was topped with wonderful, homemade fennel sausage. But the focus of the second slice was the sausage, the lightness, and balance of the first slice was lost. To be fair, the topping was big and overdone, but IMO, no topping was going to make the plain, cheese slice taste better.
Pizza Ovens / Should I buy this oven?
« Last post by Matejkav on Yesterday at 11:27:30 PM »
Hi guys,
let me thank you for this awesome forum. Its full of great knowledge.

Iam about to buy homemade wood fired oven on 2 axle trailer and I would like to ask the more experienced ones what should I watch before I buy it? (Hope you will be able to see the picture.)
I've already make some homework:

1) the permits for such an oven wont be any problem (it is in New Zealand)
2) I let it checked by 2 engineers and they both said the structure is fine.
3) The trailer is weighted to 2 tons and the oven is slightly over 1 ton.
4) The trailer will need brake and aditional suspension in order to make sure it wont crack after hit some hole in the road.
5) Ive tested that oven and it could do almost 400 degrees of celsius. Will it be fine?
6) The bricks in the arch are firebricks, they sit on high fire resistant concrete walls, and as an insulator is used 150mm of vermiculate with portland cement. Everything is reinforced with steel.

What else should I be worried about and what sould I check before I buy it?

Thank again a million times for your valuable experiences.

Starters/Sponges / Re: Confused: Starter vs Levain
« Last post by scott r on Yesterday at 11:18:19 PM »
It was interesting to read this thread. I am currently experimenting with lievito madre to make pizza and bread, which is basically a stiff starter at ~50% hydration. Here is some info from Cresci, The Art of Leavened Dough (Iginio Massari) that might add to the conversation, as it deals with pH as an indicator of the "quality" of the mother yeast. Most all activation and rising temps in the book state 28 deg C (~82 deg F).

mature: slightly acid taste; white, soft dough with long pores; 4.10 pH; alcoholic smell
too strong: bitter acid taste; grey dough with round pores; 3-4 pH; acrid smell
too weak: bittersweet acid taste; white dough with hardly any pores; 5-5.5 pH; floury smell
non-acidic: acetic acid taste; grey viscous dough; very low pH; cheesy smell (butyric acid)


GREAT to see you back here john!!
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