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  • Newbie here.  trying to up my game in the home pizza making department.  Have been cooking pies on a stone in my home oven at 550.  They are coming out ok but I haven't found a crust formulation I like yet, so I thought I would try this.  So far, I've just been using all purpose flour.  After being on this site for a couple days I can see now I need to throw out my whole dough strategy and start over.  My typical formulation has been 3 cups flour, 1 cup water, 1/2 tsp IDY, 1 TBS oil, 1 TSP salt, mixed by hand, knead by hand for 5 minutes, and a room temp ferment of 3-4 hours.  Results are all over the board. 

    They say the first step to healing is knowing you have a problem.....Help! :-[
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  • The first step toward your recovery is to ditch the 00 flour like bad crack and get a bag of bread flour (King Arthur Bread Flour, Gold Medal Better for Bread or Pilsbury Bread flour).

    The second step is to purchase a digital food scale and use formulations expressed in weights and percentages. 
    As your sponsor, I also recommend that you get a secondary scale that can measure to 0.01 grams to weigh yeast and salt and an infrared thermometer

    At your first recovery meeting post pictures of the first Lehmann dough you make and we'll all cheer you on.
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  • Where do I find the Lehman dough recipe?  I see a lot of references to it, but not the actual recipe...
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  • Where do I find the Lehman dough recipe?  I see a lot of references to it, but not the actual recipe...
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  • Ok - I acquired the items from above and had a go at creating an "emergency" dough over the weekend.  Here is the formulation I used...

    Stop N Shop Bread Flour - 100%  475g - enough for two pies
    Water                            -   63%  299g - 87 Degrees
    Salt                               - 1.75% 8.31g
    EV Olive Oil                    - 1.00% 4.75g
    ADY                               - 1.75% 7.1g
    Dough ball was 82 degrees after kneading

    I mixed the dough by hand (no KA mixer yet) and kneaded for about 7 minutes, rested for 5, and continued kneading for another 3-4 minutes until dough was smooth.  I set aside in an oiled bowl for a 2 hour room temp ferment, and it more than doubled in size.  I skinned and dressed the pizzas and cooked on a 550 degree stone, verified with my new handy IR thermometer.  Pizza was good, and the crust was "better than my average", but still not WOW!  crust was crispy but had a tendency to be a little too chewy. 

    More work to do, but this will serve as "baseline".  I'll try a good two day cold ferment next. 
    Pics below:

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  • Well, it does say "Emergency Dough" in the title.   :-D

    Two-day CF is a good place to start looking for WOW. Are you planning to cut back the ADY? You could use 1/4 as much.