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Off-Topic Foods / Re: Our Meatball Tradition
« Last post by foreplease on Today at 01:16:31 AM »
Parsley (above) I should have either xhopped it by hand or used the belnder instead of the food processor. There was not enough volume for the food processor to do a good job. So I added about 1/2 cup water. Did the stems for several pulses before adding leaves. Carrots were processed to what I call the fluffy soft stage - no squared or straight edges. I find that ideal for what I am tring to do. Cut celery with a knife and did onions in processor.

Vegetables cooked down in a cup of olive oil, salt, and pepper. Garlic added last in a spot of olive oil in a well I make in the middle, then 3/4cup oregano rubbed between my palms. Smelled heavenly. I had a mess late afternoon with stock pot situation. Fortunatelty, a friend who owns a restaurant loaned me one, which allowed me to get all of this in 3 [size=78%]pans. At dayís end, I have 6 full hotel pans in garage fridge and 2 gallons in a container on the kitchn fridge. i grated 9 lbs cheese today, most of which is foing in the meatball mix. I can probably pepe everything else in anhour and another hour to clean it ip. I. Ight even wait until Sun morn.[/size]
[/size][size=78%]Cleanup from this was a big job tonight. Started sauce 11:15, took a 45 min lunch, stopped atgrocery store for,to,ato juice adn again later for more oregano and nay leaves. Rest of the time was spent in our kitchen. It was a good day.[/size]


I have some news about my problem, I guess this will be able to help people. I just met again my friend Tiziano, I helped him he taught me again about pala pizza  :angel:.
I guess my mixer is not good, I need to check about the speed (rpm) but I think the biggest problem is the shape of the bottom of the mixer bowl : should be more round. I'll try again soon anyway.

If anyone interested about Italmill flours please let me know, I can ask him about the retailers in the States (he told me about Cosco, I think you can find easily). You can see the result it's beautiful.
Off-Topic Foods / Re: Our Meatball Tradition
« Last post by Jackitup on Today at 12:55:11 AM »
I'm hungry again........
Off-Topic Foods / Re: Our Meatball Tradition
« Last post by foreplease on Today at 12:52:08 AM »
First, if anyone is following along and making these as I described above last year, the amout of onion I listed is too much if you start scaling this back up. I know from having made our sauce today that 4 oz of onion per #10 can is not going to scale up well for 18 cans (+ 2 cans diced pear tomatoes). Today I used 36 oz of yellow onion and it tasted right. It would have come to 72 oz, which is preposterous, if I had followed my own advice. Iím sure everyone here can figure out for themselves how much onion per # 10 can of tomatoes tastes good. I simply want to acknowledge that my recommendation last year was bad. 

Looking at my pile of ingredients last night and thinking about todayís timeline, I realized that I did not pick up any tomato juice yesterday. This morning I bought 3 46 oz cans and used all of it. I used no tomato paste this year nor the water that is mentioned in the recipe from last year. It cooked down enough that I was happy with the consistency and taste without paste. It may need water coming out of the fridge tomorrow. Iíll have to see then how it looks. Paste, and lots of it, will definitely be used in the meat mix Sunday.

A few pictures from today.

Focaccia Style / Re: Pizza pala/in teglia : same dough 2 different results
« Last post by Yael on Today at 12:51:18 AM »

At what temp is your CF? Also, how long is your dough in the mixer?



The fridge should be between 2 and 6... It's a fridge we use specially for the dough, but the temperatures aren't steady.
I mixed during 20 minutes. You can start the 2nd hydration ("bassinage") on 2nd speed after 10 min.

BTW, I have some news on the other thread, you can go have a look ! (link)
General Pizza Making / Re: Post a Pic of Your Pie - Daily Update
« Last post by StateofMind on Today at 12:35:34 AM »
Tonight's pie. My wife's choice: Kale, Heirloom Fingerlings, and goats cheese.
Ask the Dough Doctor / Re: Marsal and Sons
« Last post by QwertyJuan on Today at 12:06:41 AM »
Wow, didn't realize this was the exact model you owned. TWO questions then... (if you don't mind)

How fast is the recovery times on this oven?? Like if I cook a pizza in one spot, how long before that spot is usable again?? My current oven only has .75" stones and is only 42k BTU, so it takes about 10 minutes before a spot is ready again. I realize the SD448 has 2" stones and nearly 100k BTU.

Lastly, how long does this thing take to heat up to temp??

Thanks again Tom!  ;D
Off-Topic Foods / Re: christmas 2017
« Last post by foreplease on Today at 12:03:29 AM »
+1 for Yorkshire. At some point last Christmas I made it. Popovers are a close second IMO.

I love the idea and tradition of the seven fishes but I do not care for fish. Still, I love the idea of it and what it means to people.

We have 3 Christmastime dinners, plus a brunch,  to prepare for gatherings of different groups or parts of our family. Itís looking like 8 pizzas for a gathering we have with another family. I like to change it up from year to year but have been asked to repeat last yearís pizza this year. The one with my parents and one of my brothers will likely be Italan sausage with fried peppers, and pasta with red sauce and mornay both ó thatís what we had every Christmas Eve when I was growing up and every year but one since then. Third one with our kids and grandkids may be prime rib, ham or beef tenderloin are possibilities too. Will be figuring that out with their imput soon.

My daughter and her daughter arrive tomorrow evening with her husband to follow. Youngest son and his wife live in Chicago and will be picking up the son-in-law at the airport there Wed night then coming here. Other son and his family live nearby. My wife teaches. This year they go right through Fri the 22nd, which is late for teachers. We are really beginning to look forward to being together!
General Pizza Making / Re: Post a Pic of Your Pie - Daily Update
« Last post by CaptBob on Yesterday at 11:03:42 PM »
Wow Jonas!! Out O' the park!! :chef: :chef:
Sicilian Style / Re: Detroit pie
« Last post by Loarina Vega on Yesterday at 10:51:02 PM »
These are picture perfect!! and look scrumptious!! gives me more "motivation" to work on my Sicilian squares and Detroit pies
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