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Ask the Dough Doctor / Re: Pizza crust
« Last post by vtsteve on Today at 08:18:25 AM »
Use 1 gram per 500g of flour (0.2% of the weight of the flour). Then let it ferment in the fridge for 24-48 hours.

Your 7g package is enough for 3.5kg of flour -- fold it tightly shut, put a clip on it and pop it in the fridge between dough batches.   :)
Ask the Dough Doctor / Re: Pizza crust
« Last post by Stefanos on Today at 07:35:43 AM »
About the fermentation process. What you're saying is that I should leave the dough ball in the fridge for at least 12 hours? I thought that 5 or 6 hours in room temperature were plenty. Thanks a lot for the feedback
Ask the Dough Doctor / Re: Pizza crust
« Last post by Stefanos on Today at 07:31:17 AM »
Next time I make pizza I'll weight everything and I'll post an update on this topic. About the yeast, the package only says dry yeast but I'm pretty sure it's instant. Also I didnt understand what you were saying about the yeast. Should I have a total of 1g per 500 of flour or add 1gram?  Yeast I'm using is 7 grams and it says that that's enough for 500 grams of flour. Also what baking temperature and setting would you recommend?
for all customers, in this page there is the video to assembly the stand with wheels and other useful video
General Pizza Making / Re: Post a Pic of Your Pie - Daily Update
« Last post by sharky300 on Today at 12:16:05 AM »
Here's my latest... philly cheesstake-.yummy to me!!!! Hope everyone is having a great weekend!!!!

Shop Talk / Re: Things to do with excess dough?
« Last post by sharky300 on Yesterday at 11:59:50 PM »
Good ideas!!!   I'd love to be able to donate some way, definately going to work on that. I'm sure here it will not be as easy as just doing it! Gov has to make things ridiculous...

 We usually do make several to take with us, but I had like 40 left the last event;  I love it, but we won't eat that many!!! I am going to try the butter and sugar thing, that sounds pretty darn sweet. (Literally) and the Hotdog wrap is just about genius!!!!  I had hotdogs tonight, can only bet it would have been better wrapped in dough!!!!

thanks for all of the ideas!!!

Pizza Cheese / Re: Bother making mozzarella?
« Last post by Minolta Rokkor on Yesterday at 11:47:49 PM »
As the previous poster mentioned, you should be able to match the "Fancy Stuff"easily, go for it.
Ask the Dough Doctor / Re: Pizza crust
« Last post by The Dough Doctor on Yesterday at 11:22:33 PM »
I can't encourage you enough to dig out that scale and use it to weight your ingredients rather than using volumetric portions. By weighing each ingredient you will be able to achieve much greater consistency from dough to dough and you will be much better able to make the formula adjustments needed to give you what you're looking for in a finished pizza.
It sounds like you are only allowing the dough to ferment at room temperature for 5 to 6-hours which in all probability, is not enough fermentation to develop the type of flavor that you're looking for. The amount of yeast that you are using (is is active dry yeast or instant dry yeast?) seems quite high for allowing the dough to ferment at room temperature or in the fridge for a sufficiently long time (24 to 48-hours) to develop a great fermentation flavor. If the top of the pizza in now getting done (fan turned off) but the bottom of the crust isn't sufficiently done I would suggest reducing the oven temperature in 25C increments while extending the baking time. From a flavor stand point, you will probably achieve the best crust flavor as well as regulation of the fermentation process by adjusting the salt level to 2% of the total flour weight. The amount of yeast that I would suggest adding would be 0.2% of the flour weigh (1-gram for 500-grams flour weight).
Please keep us posted on your progress.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor
General Pizza Making / Re: What makes dough a good takeout pizza?
« Last post by nick57 on Yesterday at 10:36:34 PM »
 I may be wrong here. You could use a flour with a lower protein percent and use a little more oil. Some of the best cold pizza the morning after was rubbery, but that was expected. DOH!
Newbie Topics / Re: Novice looking to improve
« Last post by Minolta Rokkor on Yesterday at 09:50:24 PM »
Agree^ for a 3 day cold ferment I use .20% IDY.

The margins between under proofed and over proofed is quite small.
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