• #1 by BigJohn on 03 Apr 2006
  • It's in Franklin, Pennsylvania.Has anyone here had the opportunity to have there pizza? It's a New York Style pizza and they also have Sicilian.
  • #2 by Aaron on 04 Apr 2006
  • Big John although I have not tried the pizza I have some good friends who live in Franklin,I emailed them and asked how the pizza was at Leonardos,I am awaiting their reply.
    Aaron in Canada
  • #3 by Aaron on 05 Apr 2006
  • I recieved an answer from my friend and he says they make good pizza and subs.Are you from that area,my friend is a great cook and he lives in town,he is also a food writer for a number of publications,so I respect his take on good food.
  • #4 by BigJohn on 10 Apr 2006
  • yeah, i live just outside of town and Leonardos has always been my family's favorite pizza.
  • #5 by BigJohn on 10 Apr 2006
  • what's your friends name? I may know him.