• #1 by pftaylor on 21 Mar 2006
  • Pizza Rating: Poor & overtly expensive ($14.50 for an 11" pie)
    Desert Rating: Expensive and the best Gelato I've ever had ($8.50 for three small scoops)
    Appetizer Rating: Weak at best (we had a salami Antipasto and a watery Caprese - $9.95 each)
    Overall: The least value for the money and the worst pizza I have ever eaten. Lombardi's tastes good in comparison. Mario should stick to pasta. Lesson learned: Stay away from celebrity chef establishments.

    My family was there for the overall experience. I was there purely for the pizza and the gelato. I managed to convince the manager to let me "see" the griddle that they are reputed to cook pizza on. It looked just like what McDonald's cooks their hamburgers on. Once they brown the bottom of a fully dressed skin on the griddle, they stack the partially cooked skins off to the side. Once an order hits, they then run it through a low domed conveyor oven which only browns the top. The results of the staggered bake were mediocre at best. For my money, a complete disgrace to the pizza world. The crust had no flavor and was hard as a rock no doubt due to the partially baked skin sitting for extended periods of time before being fully baked.

    We did have a delightful bottle of mid-priced Italian wine ($35.00). And for good reason. Mario employs not one, not two, but three, count 'em three Somiliers. He clearly puts a premium on selling wines. I only wish he would have spent as much time on producing a killer pie. Oh well.

    We ordered  three pies: Margherita, Quattro Formaggi, and a Prosciutto & Arugula disaster which smelled like rotten ham. Pictures of our meal are below for your consideration.
  • #2 by varasano on 21 Mar 2006
  • Hey pft,

    Go to Mario Batali's restaurant Babbo. It's the best meal I've EVER had. Incredible. But I heard the pizza stinks. 

  • #3 by JPY on 21 Mar 2006
  • He is doing a new place in Los Angeles with Nancy Silverton of La Brea Bakery.