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New York Style / Re: Help with Dough and Sauce
« Last post by Minolta Rokkor on Today at 10:58:12 AM »
I love these two formulas for dough

Water: 63%
Oil: 2%
IDY: .30%

Cold ferment for three days.
Reball 12 hours before bake. This crust is usually crispy and light

IDY: .30%
Cold ferment for three days

Reball 12 hours before bake time.
This dough is stiffer but softer. It will char more too.

As for sauce, no clue.
Ask the Dough Doctor / Managing the variables
« Last post by yocky on Today at 10:56:14 AM »
Hi all, sorry in advance for the ramble.

I've done a reasonable amount of bread making in my time, and had some semi successful attempts at pizza in the oven on a baking steel under the grill (broiler). I recently took delivery of a Roccbox so clearly now's the time to up my game. Basically I'd like to approximate a Neapolitan pizza.

I've been trying to work towards a 48 hour RT dough using IDY. My first attempts with Strong Bread Flour (64% HD) weren't bad. I realized I'd got the yeast amount all wrong after mixing, so a lot of the fermentation took place in the fridge, the dough seemed very ripe by the time I baked with big bubbles clearly visible and it was pretty tacky....but in spite of everything the pizzas weren't too bad.

For my next trick I got hold of a 25kg sack of Caputo pizza flour and thought I'd just perfect my art, but it hasn't gone to plan so far.

First batch was 1kg of Caputo @ 62% HD, 0.01% IDY, 2.5% Salt.  I have scales supposedly accurate to 0.01g but I'm not sure about that accuracy tbh, so I dissolved 5g of yeast in 495g water (temp about 20C) and used 10g of that water. I dissolved the salt in 610g of water, then added the 10g of yeasty water to that. Mixed by hand, bit of Bertinet style slapping, few stretch and folds. The plan was for 24 hours bulk then 24 hours balled (all at RT of about 20C), but judging by the progress of a small amount of dough in a shot glass things weren't progressing very well. No rise at all after 24 hours, so I left it overnight and balled it in the morning, leaving about 10 hours before I was due to bake. The dough was very sticky and was almost pancake flat by the time I came to bake. The balls (discs really) opened with almost no effort at all. This implied to me that the dough had been left too long, but the sample in the shot glass hadn't even doubled by that stage and didn't look over ripe. I had real problems launching the pizzas, and ended up having to use my super peel to place the pizzas on a heavily floured peel before baking. The pizzas weren't very good, almost no expansion in the rim, quite doughy on the base in places even when they looked well cooked.

So what did I do wrong? Maybe I killed/shocked the yeast by dissolving it in cold water. Maybe I hadn't worked the dough well enough at the earlier stages. Next I decided to keep the hydration at 62% but increased the yeast to 0.015% and used 35C water to dissolve it in. I used my Ankarsrum mixer to make the dough, adding the 10g of yeasty water when most of the flour had been added to the water in the mixer. I continued to "knead" the dough in the mixer and also gave it a few stretch and folds after that. This time the dough did show signs of life from quite early, but it still hadn't risen much after 24 hours, so I went for a 36 hour bulk, 12 hour balled policy. At the end of 36 hours the dough had increased about 75% but it was showing some symptoms of poor yeast distribution with some very large bubbles forming. TBH after balling and baking the pizzas weren't much different to the previous attempt. If I had to make a guess as to the state of the dough at the point of baking solely on the shot glass sample I would have called it underfermented.

All of these result were obtained in the Roccbox with an IR thermometer showing 450-500C at the back of the oven, and about 350C at the front. Pizza cooked in 90 to 100 seconds in those conditions. Apart from not expanding they looked the part....but appearances were deceptive.

So I have some specific questions, but any observations welcome.

    Can slack, easily opened dough balls still be under fermented?
    Does the lack of rise in the cornicione imply under fermentation?
    How much of my problems could be caused by high hydration? 62% doesn't seem that high, but the dough does seem quite wet after more than a day.
    Can I damage IDY yeast that's already been dissolved in warm water by adding that water to cold water? If so how should I incorporate the 10g of yeast water?
    Other than convenience, what are the deciding factors in when to ball? In theory could I do 46 hour bulk, 2 hour balled (which would somewhat solve the flat dough ball issue)?
    I don't want to change too much each time I try a new batch, so what should I adjust next? Hydration? Length of fermentation. Allow the dough to develop more?

New York Style / Re: Craig's NY Pizza
« Last post by Jersey Pie Boy on Today at 10:49:38 AM »
Craig, reading your quote a couple of posts above, I see I may have a technical misunderstanding.

You mention the crust being a little tough at 66% and considering dropping down a percent or two. I had been thinking that more hydration would lead to greater spring, and more lightness, so less tough, more tender...Is my thinking backwards or...well, just plain wrong?
General Pizza Making / Re: Mozzarella cheese debacle.
« Last post by Minolta Rokkor on Today at 10:46:50 AM »
Boars Head fresh mozz gives me great stretch. It's very low moisture, MR you might be able to slice it on your Hobart even.

I THINK my farm fresh carries it. Sounds promising.
Just get ahold of some Grande

Wish it was available in my area.
Legend has it, whole foods sometimes carries it.

You'll find a huge difference just by assembling the pizza differently. Using the same cheese and ingredients, do one as you normally would, sauce, toppings, cheese, then do one with only 1/4 of the sauce on the crust as more of a glue to help things stick a bit, then toppings, cheese then drizzle the rest of the sauce on top to cook down thru the cheese. Changes the melt completely, almost like a totally different pie!!

I'll try this out. I'll test out different brands of fresh mozzarella.
Ask the Dough Doctor / Re: Oh Dough!
« Last post by norcoscia on Today at 10:45:44 AM »
What type of pizza are you trying to make - the pizza style dictates the type of recipes and workflows you should use.
Ask the Dough Doctor / Oh Dough!
« Last post by holly821 on Today at 10:21:08 AM »
A first attempt to make some good pizza ... and I wound up with this .... Where do I start with good pizza and understanding moisture ... how much yeast to actually use ... do I add malt?  Does salt prevent the yeast from working?   HELP!
General Pizza Making / Re: Buffalo pie
« Last post by norma427 on Today at 10:03:10 AM »
Can you post your sauce recipe please


I have changed my sauce recipe and decided not to post what it is.  Sorry I don't want to give that information out freely anymore.  Hope you understand.

Other Types / Re: Greek pizza
« Last post by norma427 on Today at 09:58:27 AM »
Maybe use a hole punch near the top edge of the bag, above the tail twist, and use the number of holes as a code?


That's a good idea!  ;D  You also gave me another idea.  Maybe put twist ties on the bags according to the weights of the dough.  One two or 3 twist ties.  Wanted to try some Sicilian's in square pans yesterday but didn't find time to do that.  At least those higher weight dough balls weren't mixed up.  They went back into the freezer.  Also was thinking because a higher amount of IDY is used that is why some of the doughs proofed so much in the pans.  Did use the heating cabinet to proof them.

Hearth Ovens / Re: Pizza Party 70 x 70
« Last post by mgcain12 on Today at 09:45:04 AM »
Sirius, I like that trailer - great job on that! Is that stainless steel on the counters?  Does the back open up for wood storage?  How about a few more pics?
General Pizza Making / Buffalo pie
« Last post by a2zed on Today at 09:35:24 AM »
Can you post your sauce recipe please
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