• #101 by pizza party on 11 Jan 2015
  • alternative solutions of placement with Antipipistrello 2.0
    Would you like to buy the wood fired oven but.. Have you annoying neighbors? Live in a condominium and have people upstairs? Have you a room with little draft? Donít have a chimney available to pizza oven inside placement?

  • #102 by fig32 on 12 Sep 2016
  • I am interested in buying a Pizza Party oven, is the discount still valid?  How would I get a discount code to order your oven online?  Thanks!

  • #103 by pizza party on 12 Sep 2016
  • Hi Mark
    all active  ;D i send you the codes by private message
  • #104 by tonygreek on 14 Sep 2016
  • Simone, I would also like to receive the discount code so that I may order a Pizza Party oven.

    Now to finally decide on which size...  ???
  • #105 by pizza party on 14 Sep 2016
  • ok i send you the codes  :D

    David oven
  • #106 by robilium on 23 Nov 2016
  • I like the wood cart idea!  I may do a custom one for our house too.  I am looking forward to receiving our Pizza Party based on all the good reviews here.  I just placed an order on the website and now counting down the days :)
  • #107 by pizza party on 23 Nov 2016
  • Hi
    welcome to Pizza Party family  ;D :chef: :pizza:
    friday we ship
  • #108 by clintwalker88 on 14 Dec 2016
  • Just bought the pizzone from pizza party and the cart with wheels. Customer service has been great and quick to reply. I can't wait to get started and enjoy this for many years.
  • #109 by pizza party on 14 Dec 2016
  • Hi Clint
    welcome to Pizza Party family  :chef:
  • #110 by CraigCO on 04 Aug 2017
  • I've got a PizzaParty 70x70 at the moment but would like to 'upgrade' to the Pizzone - any deals going at the moment? :)
  • #111 by pizza party on 04 Aug 2017
  • Hi Craig i send you the didcount codes for forum members
    Pizzone great offer
    special offer only 1440usd Pizzone + home delivery by Fedex generally 5-7 business days + all taxes included.
    A this time there is an other excellent offer active with the shipment price a the same price of Pizza Party 70x70