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Pizza Ovens / Re: Effeuno PID mod and settings ?
« Last post by miv on Today at 06:12:32 PM »
I don't have an Effeuno but I am also interested in PID mods.

Do you have a reason to believe that this SmartPID is worth it compared to a cheap chinese REX C100?
(Note: there are tons of threads in italian/french/german forums of various ovens modded with 1 or 2 REX C100 PIDs).
I see SmartPID has two channels and a touchscreen which is nice, but not sure if it justifies costing a lot more.

The main issue with PIDs is temperature inside the oven electronic compartment.
The REX C100 should be cooled to 50 C or less.
(which sometimes is hard, most chinese oven mods use two big 12V CPU fans to achieve it).
Not sure what temp is the Effeuno's electronics compartment while working.
So if the SmartPID can take, say 70 C, the price could be worth it for many ovens.
Dough Ingredients / Re: Low Diastatic Malt Powder
« Last post by vincentoc13 on Today at 06:00:06 PM »
I buy KA's LDMP.  Has worked well for me.
  sounds good, what's percentage do you use it at?
Off-Topic Foods / Re: Pasta YouTube Video - A new rabbit hole for me
« Last post by amolapizza on Today at 05:58:47 PM »
I like Alex' videos, and he's just gotten better.  Very nice photography!

Personally I think that both fresh and dried pasta have their places.

A funny anecdote, my friend had an Italian restaurant here in Luxembourg and he started making his own fresh pasta for certain dishes.  Of course people started complaining that it wasn't al dente... :D
Off-Topic Foods / Re: Today's Bread
« Last post by Pizza_Not_War on Today at 05:54:57 PM »
my starter is alive and well in fl, iíve always made two loaves of bread w the tartine recipe, can i just cut everything in half for one loaf?
Just did that today. Made one, good scoring still not happening after many years.
General Pizza Making / Re: The Thread of Shame.........
« Last post by Pizza_Not_War on Today at 05:52:19 PM »
The bread worked, pot holder not so much. :P
Off-Topic Foods / Re: Today's Bread
« Last post by HansB on Today at 05:38:37 PM »
my starter is alive and well in fl, iíve always made two loaves of bread w the tartine recipe, can i just cut everything in half for one loaf?

You can. I always make two and give one away or freeze it.
Shop Talk / Re: Partnering with brewery
« Last post by waltertore on Today at 05:36:24 PM »
It is a crap shoot IMO as I do not like teaming up in this kind of situation.   I would do a trial run if you have the ability to do this before signing anything.  We have a new wine bar next to us in our center. and have set up a mutually beneficial scenario.   We do curbside only so it is works great when people ask to dine in.  We tell them they can eat their pizza at the wine bar.  It sends new customers their way who have a glass of wine or beer and once the people at the bar see/smell the pizza it results in more orders for us.  There is no $/commitment involved in our relationship with the wine bar as it works out well for both of us.  WIN-WIN for both :)
Monthly Challenge / Winter 2022 Pizza Challenge: Your Signature Pizza
« Last post by Bill/SFNM on Today at 05:36:08 PM »
This is a repeat of a past challenge that drew a good response:

You love to make pizza, right? And eat pizza? And talk about pizza? And think about pizza?  Well, think about the pizza you make that represents what you most love about this passion we share.

Bake that pizza in this quarter (January - March 2022) and post in this thread a description and, if you are so inclined, photos, videos, haikus, operas, whatever. It would be nice if you describe why your entry is your signature pizza. What is its inspiration or history?

Multiple entries are encouraged as you evolve your signature concept.
New York Style / Re: 7 minute New York bake
« Last post by Rainier42 on Today at 05:34:52 PM »
These look great!  And you're using KA AP flour and a home oven?
Good idea!
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