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Pizza Cheese / Re: BelGioioso Fresh Mozzarella
« Last post by Artimas on Today at 08:50:50 AM »
I use the BelGioioso fresh mozz on my pizzas, but sprinkle some Parmigiano Reggiano on top for some saltiness and flavor.

I buy the shredded PR in the large plastic container ay Costco, then put it in the food processor to grate it. The grated works better than shredded, IMO.

Having said that, I still can't get the mozz to melt into a nice hazy edge. It always has a sharp edge to it. I don't think it affects the taste but the hazy melt looks way better.  Any thoughts how I can improve the cheese melt?

Neapolitan Style / Re: Which flour do you use for Neapolitan?
« Last post by Pizza Shark on Today at 08:33:31 AM »
I used the Caputo OO Blue Pizzeria flour.  This was OONI's recipe.  I measured all ingredients in grams.  Guess this is a little over 57% hydration.

Makes 3 x 330g dough balls or 4 x 250g dough balls

12.8oz (364g) cold water
4 tsp (18g) salt
20g fresh yeast (or 9.2g active dried yeast, or 7g instant dried yeast) *amend yeast quantities depending on proving time.
21.4oz (607g) 00 flour, plus extra for dusting
Note: Its also possible to cold-prove your pizza dough, a technique that allows the yeast to work on the sugars in the flour for longer, thus helping the dough to develop a deeper flavor.
Pizza Ovens / Re: Qstove Qubestove Kickstarter
« Last post by deb415611 on Today at 08:15:16 AM »
Nice Barry.   Do you know what the stone temp was and how long you let the oven warm up for that?  What did the underside look like?

I"ll be watching your progress with the deflector.   I'm thinking about  buying a fiesoli stone for it. 
Prep Equipment / Re: Looking for Spiral Mixer Recommendations
« Last post by HansB on Today at 07:59:40 AM »
Andrew Bellucci had a diving arm mixer at his first shop. I don't know if he still uses one at the new place?
Newbie Topics / Re: Is this dough raising too fast?
« Last post by foreplease on Today at 07:24:38 AM »
Thanks! And sorry I'm not sure what do you mean, what's wrong with 59 degrees Fahrenheit (15 degrees Celsius)?

Craig ferments on 65F, but this was difficult to achieve with my fridge: https://www.pizzamaking.com/forum/index.php?topic=20477.0

I'm also wondering how to bake with Ooni Koda 16 in 60 seconds while not burning the cheese on top? I'm not using fresh mozzarella but dried one.
I have looked through much of that thread over the years. It must be the case that you have a secondary refrigerator altered to maintain a temperature of 59 for the purpose of fermenting dough. I was concerned, especially after seeing one of your dough photos, that your primary refrigerator with eggs, milk, meat, cheese, etc. was only capable of reaching a low of 59. There have been some strange and frightening examples on the forum over the years. Happily, yours now appears to not be one of them.
General Pizza Making / Re: Post a Pic of Your Pie - Daily Update
« Last post by Papa T on Today at 06:37:40 AM »
A 16-inch pie using my NY slice style pizza dough formula. A bit different formula than most use for that style of pizza, but it works extremely well and is repeatable in my oven. Normally I'm a straight up cheese pizza guy, but this one was made by request. Bake was on a preheated stone (1 hour) at 525F (my max) on the bottom rack of the oven. Topped with seven ounces of sauce, 10 ounces of LMPS mozzarella, six ounces of partially cooked pork sausage, sliced fresh cremini mushrooms, yellow onion slivers, three colors of bell peppers, and anchovies. Then I grated on about 1/2 ounce of Pecorino Romano, a few grinds of black pepper, and a sprinkling of dried oregano, and baked.

I started it off on a Lloyd screen, and shook it off directly to the stone at four minutes, and rotated it twice during the bake. Total bake time was 11 minutes, and it can be pulled earlier (8-10 min) if less browning is desired. Dough was a 24 hour CF, then two hours on the counter to warm up before stretching. A strong bread flour works best, and I added some VWG to get it around 13.5% protein. Any hard red wheat flour will work fine as long as you get it in that 13% range by adding VWG if needed. The ingredients and percentages are below. Multiply the batch size needed by 55.7% (.557) to get the flour weight, then calculate the weight of the other ingredient percentages based on that amount.

This dough ball was targeted for 485 grams at an .085 TF. I made a 500g batch and after mixing, landed at 492g. Close enough.

Flour, 100% (calculated from above)
Water, 66% (I add it at around 82-85F)
Sugar, 5.9%
Oil, 4.2%
Salt, 2%
DMP, 0.6%
IDY, 0.5%

Off-Topic Foods / Re: Today's Bread
« Last post by GumbaWill on Today at 06:14:12 AM »
Baguettes based on, Jeffrey Hamelman's Vermont Sourdough. Alfonso style.

Four, Water, Salt, & "Levain" (wild natural Yeast) Plus time and temperature.

Uploaded today on youtube:

Ethan likes to take deep dives into foods. This one was exceptional.
some customers make a plan in wood or metal in this zone to place the gas tank
I got this one (2' x 3')   -->   https://www.amazon.com/dp/B016CIGRE6/?tag=pmak-20
Basically the same as Chuck has, but without the lip at the back on top, and 6 in. wider.

it would be nice if that shelf had a cutout for the propane tank
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