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Title: I used Farino 00 Flour - Anyone tried this? *PICS
Post by: leigh.chris on March 07, 2006, 02:36:33 PM
I am now typing this for the 2nd time  <rant>(>:( - v annoyed!) after firefox just closed of its own accord.</rant>

This is only my second post but i hope to get a bit into these forums soon! - @ 9pm last night i prepared an autolyse and put it in the fridge and this morning @ 6am i added the rest of the flour - this was meant to be a 2 day thing recipe but i just couldn't resist :D - so please treat this as a WIP [work in progress]

Day after tomorrow i will be making a calzone and a couple of other pizzas with this dough, but so far ive been quite impressed with my results.

Just a few things to point out, are i used my trusty pizza stone for this one, i had to hand knead the dough (no mixer :'( my old one caught fire), there was an insane amount of sugar used for the quantity of flour (35g sugar to 900g flour).  The flour used was Farina 00.  This pizza is just a test, so i can see the results and to see if there is any difference after the full time of slow-proof.  Does anyone know if i should be expecting better results? - I would particularly like to have some more bubbles in my crust, but i dont like too thick a pizza.   Any tips much appreciated.  Please have a look at my photo's and give me some feedback.  (The pizza has no cheese 'cos its for a side dish with my pasta :D!)

I will post updates [and the recipe used] in a couple of days to this thread detailing if there was any difference to the dough texture and/or taste.

Title: Re: I used Farino 00 Flour - Calzone? *PICS
Post by: leigh.chris on March 09, 2006, 02:53:15 PM
Right, i left my dough in the fridge for the extra 2 days, and omg, look at the base, this was the best calzone i ever made.  :chef:!  It was crispy and chewy inside, really nice.  Have a look at the photos :D - some [half] size image links here:

I will post recipe if anyone wants it - next time i try with caputo maybe ;)

Chris  >:D