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Title: Nicks
Post by: Arthur on June 27, 2004, 07:12:28 PM
I read about Nick's pizza many times, especially in my favorite New York pizza review (no longer found on the net, but thanks to archiving.   ;D... (

As the article states, it is unbelievable that Nick's pizza comes out sooooooo good and tastes just like a coal oven pizza yet he cooks it in a gas oven.   Truly a master.  Probably now my favorite (round) pizza with the thin crust...sorta burnt edges....fresh mozz bricks with sauce on top.    Definitely better than my last trip to Lombardi's.  John's is still good.  Arturo's is horrible.   Totonno's is also good, but I've got hand it to Nick's.  Impressive pizza - not very friendly though  :-X