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Title: Same dough and yet, hmmm?
Post by: Jersey Pie Boy on August 26, 2019, 10:43:00 PM
Tom, a quandary tonight. There's something amiss here, but not quite sure what.

The specs: 2 pizzas, same dough batch. All Trumps at 70 HR, (.02 IDY, all in   poolish ( 42% of total dough)  which was held 2 days in  fridge after fully fermenting) 2.7 %  salt, 2% sugar, 3% oil.  Hand mix with a couple of stretch/folds over 45 minutes, FDT 77, then 8.5 hours in a cooler ranging from 66 to 61F, then 9 days in fridge at about 32F, the last 8 hours at 40F, then about 2 hours counter at 76F.

The first pizza ( sauce, cheese  chorizo) baked Blackstone launch 750, 4.5 minutes with turn down ( screen after first minute or so  to protect bottom)

Second pie, less than 20 minutes behind first. was a Capricciosa. While launch was intended to be the same, the BS had other plans and temp at launch was 833, hotter than I wanted for a malted flour. So I screened after 30 secs and turned down flame after OS. I pulled the pizza at 3:30, still a good time

So, the issue: The first pie, the slightly  cooler, longer pie was very good..light and airy,a touch of crispiness to the rim, nice and thin and easy to open, Very tender.

The second dough was just okay, ( the toppings were much better). It was denser, missing the toasty overtones...a most different crust. My wife, who is a pizza non-obsessive, noticed the clear difference between crusts  and preferred the first. 

So, Tom, what do you think...where was the error here? Did the hotter te,temperature pass the sweet spot for OS ?   At first, I thought maybe a little overfermnented, but with .02 IDY would a an hour on the counter make that  much difference? It wasn't a bad pie, but sure paled compared o the first.

Thanks Tom !
Title: Re: Same dough and yet, hmmm?
Post by: The Dough Doctor on August 27, 2019, 02:28:06 AM
It's reaqlly hard to say what the issue might have been but it might indeed have been the difference in oven temperature or how the pizzas were actually baked between on the screen and on the deck. When on the deck even just a few seconds can/will make a significant difference. I've got a hunch that that's where the issue was at.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor
Title: Re: Same dough and yet, hmmm?
Post by: Jersey Pie Boy on August 27, 2019, 07:01:56 AM
Thanks,, Tom! It makes a lot of sense since I went to a screen at about the 30 or 40 second mark, as soon as the dough could be slid off the stone. Usually I go to the screen at 1:15 to 2 minutes.

I guess I unsprung my oven spring :)

Thanks as always for your insight