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Yeast amount
« on: April 01, 2012, 02:09:20 PM »
For a 2 to 5 day cold ferment what % yeast is good to use? Currently for my NY pies i use .3% IDY, 58% water, 2% salt and 1% oil. I cook at about 550 deg on a Bakers Pride electric deck oven. I recently switched to unbromated unbleached AllTrumps from reg. AllTrumps but might go back to bromated. Thinking of cutting salt back to 1% also. Mixed dough comes out the mixer usually 79-84deg. Thanks guys and gals.

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Re: Yeast amount
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Franko, asking about yeast quantities is a little like asking people if it's cold out and should you wear a jacket.  Your weather is your own.  Your environmental variables- all those aspects that impact yeast activity, are your own. You want to use enough yeast so that the dough doubles (or maybe triples) in the time frame that you want to use it in. If you take copious enough notes of all the variables (water temp, flour temp, room temp, post mixing temp, hydration, salt, yeast age, etc.) for every dough you make, as you change things up, it becomes easier to predict fermentation times, but, in the beginning, it's mostly trial and error.  For instance, if you go from 2% to 1% salt, that's really going to accelerate fermentation and your dough will double a lot faster (and will also not be as flavorful, since 1% is a little low).

Make the dough, see how long it takes to double.  If it's too little time, add less yeast, if it's too long, add more. Repeat (with all the same variables except yeast quantity) and see how that goes. Fine tune as necessary.

Also, you're going to find pretty drastically different opinions on this, but I strongly believe that there's isn't a NY style dough on this planet that can be optimal from the 2nd to the 5th day. I just had a discussion with other members about a 12 hour window of viability on a 3 day dough where they were certain that hour 1 would be noticeably inferior to hour 12. I didn't agree with them to that extent, but I still believe, on a commercial level, you should be striving for a maximum of a 12 hour window (on a multi day ferment), and, for a home product, where logistics tend to be less of an issue, I really think you should be striving for a particular hour when the dough is at it's peak.
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Re: Yeast amount
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Check out Glutenboy’s pies here:


He has done some extended (days) cold ferments with about 0.2% IDY and obtained some pretty wonderful results.

Edit to change about 0.3% IDY to 0.2% IDY
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Re: Yeast amount
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If you decide that there are lessons in Glutenboy's dough formulation that you might adopt, you may want to consider the comments I made on his dough at Reply 7 at http://www.pizzamaking.com/forum/index.php/topic,12172.msg114875/topicseen.html#msg114875 so that you take all of the factors into account in your decision making since not all of the factors may apply to your situation. I have made 15-day+ Lehmann NY style doughs with as little as 0.25% IDY but you have to take special measures to go out that far.

I also agree with scott123 that 1% salt is perhaps too low.