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  • Hey Guys,
    I know I'm late to the party but just wanted to drop the latest intel. I made this recipe, as presented (with Pete's 14" %'s) this past weekend. After spending a couple years working on my NY style my wife confided in me that her favorite pizza was the old school Pizza Hut Pizza (supreme, to be exact). So, I gave this a go and I got to say...nailed it! 99% exactly where it needs to be. I used a Lloyds pan PSTK 14" and baked at 475 for 14 minutes. Came out great!  Otherwise, It seemed like a bit much oil (1/4 cup) because of the amount of oil residing in the crust as we ate it. BUT...The center of the pizza didn't quite get the "fried crispy crust" that the rest of the pizza did. Probably due to the weight of the pizza pushing the oil away from the center. Honestly it is exactly good enough that I won't bother changing anything. So...Take Pete-Zaa's quantities, mix with xPHMgr's directions and enjoy this pizza ! Dang! This is one of two entire recipe's that I have tried in the last 10 yrs. that I didn't need to tinker with. Well done xPHMgr and Pete-zaaa! Thanks!
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  • Where's the pictures  ???
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  • Hi,

    For a 10" pizza would it be: 22oz/14 = 1.57 x 10 = 16oz? If so does this look correct?

    Flour(100%)   277.2
    Water(55.55%)   153.9           
    Active Dry Yeast (1.18%)   3.27
    Diamond Crystal Kosher Salt (0.87%)   2.41
    Baker's Non-Fat Dry Milk (2.35%)   6.51
    Sugar (1.87%)   5.18
    Vegetable (Soybean) Oil (4.27%)   11.84
    Total (166.09%)   460.4       

    Thanks in advance.
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  • Finally took a pic of this pie (as requested  :D )