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  • Gave it a shot in my brevilleó I love the method of preheating the oil to get some extra fry.

    Going to head to the shop soon to try the real thing

    Thank u for all the wisdom Mr. Bellucci!
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  • That's a beautiful Sicilian - even if it's a little "big"!!   :-D :-D :-D

    I experimented a bit this week with larger dough balls:  going up in increments of one ounce up to 2lbs, 8 oz.  Didn't like any of them:  910g is what I'm sticking with.

    I still haven't settled on which tomatoes I'm using for the sauce.  I cook the sauce two #10 cans per batch and always include one that's ground peeled like the Pastenes or the 6 in 1s and the other can is Alta Cuchina or Valorosso, whatever I have laying around (I always have a lot of variety on hand).

    But what has remained consistent is the recipe:

    2 #10 cans of whatever I'm using
    1/2 Cup EVOO
    15 cloves garlic, minced
    1/4 t chili powder (homemade, using real fire including dehydrated ghost peppers)
    1 T kosher salt
    1 Yellow onion very small dice
    Black pepper to taste
    1 Cup fresh marjoram, fine chopped
    1 Cup fresh basil, fine chopped

    Heat the oil, quick cook of the onions, then garlic - not adding color
    Add everything else, but the fresh herbs, cook for 20 minutes
    Take off the fire, add the fresh herbs
    Good to go...

    One more thing:

    I've been real happy with the Winco pans - and I'm abusing them, what with the frying of the oil, they're getting a real workout and so far, so good.

    There was a real interesting Instagram post from Apollonia's  in L.A.  He does great looking squares out there and lately has done some using a 99 cent disposable aluminum sheet tray from the discount store.  And the result was spectacular.

    Technique trumps equipment every time...

    I saw in a video postred on Google reviews, looks like he ditched that pan and using detroit style. 
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  • I've made some changes to this formula and this is probably what I'm sticking with, it's been working great for over a week:

    The Sicilian dough is the same as my rounds, and I've recently made some adjustments to that as well:

    First, when I start my batch, I only mix the flour and water together for 1 minute. I then sprinkle the IDY Into the top. Then I Autolyse for 20 minutes. I feel the yeast blooms more evenly this way then mixing directly into cold water...

    After the mix the dough goes into big boxes and bulk ferments for appx 15 hours. I tried everything from 3 hours to 36 hours and thought 15 was the best for consistency of ferment. I found anything under 10 hours was inconsistent. It made it very difficult for me to calculate the room temp ferment time after balling.

    Typically now we mix our batches of dough starting at 5pm and then start cutting and balling the next morning at 8am.

    The next step is crucial and that's the amount of time to let room ferment before placing in the walkin.  There's a lot of factors that play into this, and my current calculations have been pretty good based on those factors:

    I take the room temp into consideration first, based on 82F, which is currently the average temp downstairs, at least for the past 3 weeks.

    Then I factor in the bulk rise:  I grade 1 - 5, with 3 being perfect. A 1 would be very dense and a 5 would be overblown. I then look in the walkin at the progress of previous batches with their notations and determine the time.

    For Sicilians right now we do a room ferment of 2:15, then into the walk-in

    Ive been jamming the walk-in with dough, so I'm able to keep them in there at least 30 hours, which gives a total 47 hour ferment. I've tested at 36, 48, 72, 96 and really don't taste much of a difference. A thing less than 30 total hours and I start having bad texture foremost - and I've closed the shop because of this. Only happened the first month.

    I Crisco the pan and put the cold dough onto the tray and if it's perfectly Fermented, it pans out flawlessly, absolutely no problem getting them in the corners.

    Then the plastic sheet over the top and room temp ferment I've been doing downstairs at 83F for 8-9 hours before the parbake.

    For the parbake I made a mistake in my original post, it's not a 50/50 mix of water and tomatoes it's like a 90/10 water/tomato mix. It's very little, very watery and it works great, just shake the excess water off.

    Par-baking at 540F, 3/7 on the Pizzamaster really by eye, maybe 6-7 minutes.

    And that's it. Pop it out, cool, refrigerate then dress and bake as you wish. We bake ours in the hot decks, 630F, 6/4.  I like it better than cooking in the clice oven at 540.  Especially with the oil, I want it blasting hot.

    I'm linking to a video showing how I label my dough tins for reference.

    Is the bulk ferment at RT or CF?
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  • I saw in a video postred on Google reviews, looks like he ditched that pan and using detroit style.

    that picture says July 2019 ?   

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  • Where did you find those plastic Pizza Proofing Pans? 

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  • Wauw they are looking wonderfull.
    How high is the sides of the pan you have used ?