Buttermilk in Dough?

Started by Puzzolento, September 06, 2023, 09:12:06 PM

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I like to eat a pile of raw vegetables in the morning, along with sour cream, cottage cheese, and pita. Problem: pita gets moldy in a hurry, and freezing it is a hassle, so I end up going to the store a lot. Solution: make pita.

I had done this before, so I knew it was easy. I Googled recipes, and I saw a bunch of mythology and old wives' tales. "Mix the yeast with 86-degree spring water. Mix in half the flour. Wait until the dough looks fluffy. Stand on your head while sprinkling pink Himalayan salt on the dough with your left hand." Total BS. I used my pizza dough recipe instead, and of course, it made perfect pita. I used the food processor, so making the dough took around 5 minutes.

I started thinking I might want to make a few changes and try poori or naan, and then it occurred to me: why not replace some of the water in the dough with full-fat buttermilk and see what happens? Naan is made with yogurt, and yogurt is sort of like buttermilk. So tonight I made pita with buttermilk, and it isn't naan, but it's really nice.

So here is my question: has anyone here tried putting buttermilk in pizza dough?
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I've used dry milk in pizza dough. In a pizza hut pan clone dough to be sure.

Buttermilk would just have a bit less sugar and some lactic acid in it, right?

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It's very weird. It made the pita sour and tasty, but it didn't soften it the way milk would. I really like it.

It's just whole milk soured by bacteria.

I learned something interesting. You have to be careful not to roll pita out too thin. Thin pita looks nice, but it's tough.
Unsuccessful people have the best cell phones.

Sicilian pizza is Godzilla. Thin pizza is Japan.