Retard Poolish Made Dough with Cold Ferment

Started by specialmonkey, September 02, 2023, 04:58:24 PM

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I follow a recipe which starts with a 14 hour poolish. I usually start it between 8-10PM for afternoon pizzas the next day.

After the poolish is done, I add the same amount of flour; water for 62.5% hydration, more yeast, salt, mixing, folding, etc.

The recipe then has a 3 hour RT ferment / proof and finally 2 hours in balls.

I want to retard fermentation with a cold ferment to accommodate my schedule.

For example, I started the poolish this AM instead of this PM and my poolish will be done at 10PM this evening instead of 10AM tomorrow morning.

My plan after the final mix is to RT / pre-proof the dough for 1 hour (this evening) instead of 3 - maybe just enough to get it going? - and then put it in the fridge until the AM, maybe 10AM, when I will take it out and let it RT ferment / proof for 2 hours;

ball, and wait 2 more hours before making pizzas.

Does this make sense? Does it seem like it will still work? Might it be better? The CF won't be for very long - perhaps 12-14 hrs.

I may need to adjust the proof time in the morning since the dough will need to come up to temp after CF.

I will keep an eye on it - any tips?


P.S. I ended the poolish 2 hours early, it was quite active - added flour/salt/water/yeast - did the mixing and folding steps, and went straight to CF - my thinking is I can complete the proofing tomorrow after the CF, and waiting for the poolish to finish, completing the adding of flour/salt/water/yeast and mixing steps, and then adding an hour RT ferment before the CF might be pushing the ferment too far?

The recipe I'm using:
- 500g Caputo Pizzeria + 500g water + 1/8 tsp IDY (poolish)
- 500g Caputo Pizzeria + 125g water + 1/8 tsp IDY + 20g salt (dough coated in EVOO)
I love a bit of glistening char on the crust! I'm using a Roccbox for the most part.

Jersey Pie Boy

I think you will be fine. With less IDY..a lot less...early CF might have been too little to allow the hold., but you have plenty. Around .4% roughly?


i use a very similar recipe, tho i only add yeast into the poolish - i have use 00 flour, king art red and blue bag, all trump high strength, and not impressed with the dough compared to local pizza places... the dough just is taste-less

Jersey Pie Boy

Flavor is very subjective but I bet if you post your formula and workflow, there'd be some thoughts and suggestions here.