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Prep Equipment / How to remove 200lbs of dough from a mixer
« Last post by troysproul on Today at 11:26:13 AM »
Hi all,
I've recently upgraded my mixer size and am struggling with how to remove 200lbs of dough from the mixer without relying on 3-4 people. I can't seem to find any info online. I assume pulley systems exist for this (preferably mobile)? I bulk ferment right out of the mixer so I would cut the mix into 6ths and transfer into proof boxes. Someone suggested cutting the dough inside the mixer but that's not really practical in this situation as I use a high hydration (79%) dough. Any insight from experienced professionals would be great.

Neat didnít realize you started selling in North America again.

Any thoughts to selling the stainless steel from facia in its own? Would love to retrofit mine!
Off-Topic Foods / Re: Poll: ravioli, square, circle, or other?
« Last post by loch on Today at 10:51:47 AM »
I usually make mine round.

Detroit Style / Re: Recent DTW pizza
« Last post by Steve on Today at 09:53:35 AM »
It is a GE monogram hearth oven.

What are the inside dimensions of this oven? Will it bake a 16" NY-Style pie?
Neapolitan Style / Re: The Doughs of My Life
« Last post by Arne_Jervell on Today at 09:11:49 AM »
Oh, Arne,  the changes made in use of technology, today the use of artificial intelligence where just a few years ago you had a different approach . . . . .

Thanks for the reminder. So much fun with good old fashioned stunt photography.  :-D :-D

Admittedly I did give myself a new hairdo in Photoshop, and also the light and colors were fixed to darken the mood, but there was nothing digital about that ice cold show between my toes.

A less touched up version attached.

I've also included an attempt to recreate the same with a publicly available AI.  :-D
Dough Clinic / Re: Help with dough balls
« Last post by ARenko on Today at 08:55:09 AM »
I'm in the Houston area, so same conditions.  I put the flour and water in the fridge to chill so it doesn't get so hot when mixing.  You can use a formula to try and hit a target dough temp based on ingredient temps, room temp, and type of mixer.

Still not sure of your fermentation temp, but if room temp you could have over fermented the dough. Also, if you hit 78F after one minute and kneaded for 10 min, then it was probably pretty high temp, which could lead to over fermenting and/ or breaking down the gluten making the dough wet/ "soupy."  Or did you stop at 1 min, in which case it probably wasn't kneaded enough.

I keep my place at 76F and use very small amount of yeast according to the chart I posted (if doing room temp ferment for that long).  I also sometimes keep the mixing very short and utilize stretch and folds. 

General Pizza Making / Re: Post a Pic of Your Pie - Daily Update
« Last post by HansB on Today at 08:43:00 AM »
I used to use semolina flour in my crust regularly at a rate of 25% when I wanted it really crispy, but I started cutting that in half because it also made the crust pretty chewy. Durum flour also works great. It gives that golden color and it has a high protein content, usually about 14%, without any additives. It also makes dough really easily workable in my experience.

Semolina is durum...
Dough Clinic / Re: Help with dough balls
« Last post by bnew17 on Today at 08:15:54 AM »
First, it's nice when posters use baker %'s so we don't have to convert.  What are the fermetation temps for the 2 and 24 hours?   

Using this calculator - https://www.traditionaloven.com/culinary-arts/baking/dry-yeast/convert-tea-spoon-tsp-to-gram-g-of-dry-yeast.html#:~:text=The%20answer%20is%3A%20The%20change,same%20active%20dry%20yeast%20type. - that's about .067% of ADY.  Based on this chart from TXCraig, 26 hours with .067% ADY would require low 60's F fermentation temp...   


What do the balls look like - any photos?  If your temps are too warm for the amount of yeast you may be overfermenting, making them difficult to handle.  I wouild also strongly recommend to get a scale that can measure down to .01g rather than using a spoon.  Look for jeweler scales on amazon.

Are you using a mixer?  If so, it would be good for you to know your final dough temp - too high and it can also lead to over fermenting.

Also agree with RHawthorne that hydration is on the high end for Caputo 00.

I do have a scale I bought from walmart. I have only been using it for the flour. It measures by .1,,,i think. I will check to make sure. But I believe that is why I had to measure the yeast like I did, because it would not register on the scale.

As far as the temps. I was following the recipe for Vicenzo (sp?) on youtube and he mentioned to knead the dough until it was between 73-77 deg F. Well i kneaded for about 1 min and it was at 78. I am in Georgia. Very hot and very humid. The recipe I posted is not his, but I did try his one time.

I will get pictures of the dough next time and post.
Off-Topic Foods / Re: Today's Sandwich
« Last post by GumbaWill on Today at 06:54:07 AM »
Farm fresh egg salad and equally fresh refrigerator pickles. It's what's for breakfast!
Dough Clinic / Re: Help with dough balls
« Last post by foreplease on Today at 06:42:40 AM »
Agree with both RHawthorne and ARenko. I was going to say reduce water to 207 g, which is a shy 61%. If that partially fixes things, the next thing I would try is less time in balls. A lot of slumping can happen in 24 hrs. Keep the total time the same (may have to reduce yeast) but ball it up later in the process, like 6-8 hours before you want to use it.
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