My scrath made SD Starter

Started by Troy T, March 16, 2014, 11:15:46 AM

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Troy T

I decided to try and make my own SD starter before I invest in a culture. This will make sure I have the process down and also see what I can come up with.

I started this on Thursday 5 PM using this guide.

Day 1
Used 4 oz Hodgson Mill Rye Flour and 4 oz of RO water, temperature is 70

Day 2 24 hours in
No smell yet and I have a little activity but no rise that I can tell.
Removed 4 oz of the starter added 2 oz of rye and 2 oz of KAAP and 4 oz water.
I am slowly reducing the Rye unlike the instructions, as i read in another post that this will be less stress on the starter.

The first 2 pictures below are 12 hours later, 36 hours total time since I start it looks like its almost a 3x rise in volume and has a earthy smell like truffles or mushrooms

Day 3 48 hours in
Picture 3
A stronger truffle smell with a little sour
Removed 4 oz of the starter added 1 oz of rye and 3 oz of KAAP and 4 oz water.

This morning 60 hours since started, lots of bubbles still the truffle smell with a much stronger sour smell
Pictures 4 and 5

I will do one ,more feeding tonight with 1oz of rye flour and start 12 hour feedings tomorrow AM with all AP.