Sourdough experiment - not getting a rise

Started by Freddie87, July 30, 2023, 01:03:52 PM

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EDIT: Perhaps this should be moved to the starters/sponges board? I cannot do that.

EDIT II: Bakes with these went about as expected. The over-proofed dough was tasty, but was difficult to handle and I ripped the pizza but just about managed to salvage something from the oven. The poolish dough was the best of the bunch and had no issues with it. The SD was not good - obviously under fermented but the dough didn't really puff up much and the taste was also not that great.

Hi all

I have been experimenting with some dough and made three batches (from top to bottom; IDY, SD, and poolish). All of these are 62% hydration and around a 19 hour proof - except that the time for the poolish includes the pre-ferment time so that's more like 12 + 8.

My sourdough (100% hydration) is a new starter (about 2 weeks old), but for 5 days or so its been nice and bubbly and doubling even trebling in size after 6 odd hours - so I think it's good. It's made with caputo pizza flour. When I used it for these doughs, I think it had reached its peak after feeding, but there is a possibility it hadn't peaked.

I can't really understand why the SD hasn't risen much. I'm aware the IDY dough is over-poofed and I am not worried about that.

The IDY dough was made using about 0.23g yeast; the SD with about 24g starter (total flour in both around 339g). Both were balled straight away (as only two balls) and proofed in a wine fridge.

My initial reaction here is that this is just a case of me not using enough SD starter. However, even then, the differences are drastic and whilst the IDY is over-proofed the SD is under-proofed and has completely lost its shape (if the IDY is over-proofed, I'd have hoped that the SD would be about right).

The other potential issue I see here is that I made the SD dough immediately after the IDY dough yet both went into the wine cooler at the same time - so the IDY perhaps had a little head start.

Would welcome thoughts.