• #1 by enchant on 20 Apr 2006
  • I used to work in Boston's financial district, and it was only a ten minute walk to the Quincy Marketplace area.  A couple people who I worked with liked to go to this hole-in-the-wall pizza joint that was a very short walk from there - near Haymarket, I think.  This place had the best pizza I've ever had, and although I've never had real NY pizza in NY, from the descriptions I've heard, this sounds like the same style of pizza.

    This place butted right up to the sidewalk next to the street.  It had a small area where you could walk in and place an order, a few places inside to sit on stools, but it was as rustic as you'll ever see.  On nice days, they'd set up a couple of planks on saw horses (or maybe barrels) out on the sidewalk where you could eat.  Somehow I seem to remember that the Central Artery (the highway that cut through the center of the city) was right there.  Bear in mind that this was about 12 years ago - before the Big Dig project lowered it.

    Does anyone know the place I'm talking about - exactly where it is and what it's called?
  • #2 by Bill/SFNM on 20 Apr 2006
  • This was back in the 60's, but there was pizza joint like you describe called "Al Capone's" that I used to frequent after shopping at Haymarket on Saturday mornings. A Googe search indicates it's still there, but I couldn't tell you if it is as good as it used to be.

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  • Closer to Rowes Wharf, there was a sub joint called Al Capone's that had absurdly long subs (nearly 3').  I don't know if they sold pizza or not, or perhaps this sub joint was simply another place called Al Capone's.
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  • Good call Bill, this sure does sound like Al Capones.  It is still there.  Also right down the street in a convince store is another good pizzeria, but I don't remember the name.  It is an unusual situation having a real pizzeria in the back of a store like that.  Also in the area is Haymarket pizza.   In my opinion none of these places are as good as Pizzeria Regina in the North end which is only a few minutes away by foot.  If you cross over the express way from haymarket you can find what most people consider to be the best pizza in the city.  It is a little tricky to find, so it might be best to ask someone to direct you once you get over there to Little Italy.  All the pizza there is good, but the polo pesto is a masterpiece.  Don't get this place confused with the smaller offshoot Pizzeria Regina's that are all over Boston and in the Fanuiel Hall marketplace.   The original one in the North end (little Italy) is much better.   You want the 11 1/2 thacher st location.

    Also right there in the north end is a restaraunt called Cafe Pompeii.  Definitely get the lobster ravioli there if you are in the area.  You will not forget this meal! 280 Hanover St
    (617) 523-9438

    There is a new pizzeria in town that everyone is freaking out about called The Upper Crust.  They are quickly expanding and now have four locations.  They are all great.  The one closest to the area you are talking about is right next to the Boston Common on the main street going through Beacon Hill.  This pizza has a really chunky sauce and they use a rolling pin for the dough so it is not really NY style, but it is thin crust.   I wish they used better cheese, but still I have not met anyone who does not love the pizza there.

    The other pizzeria of note in Boston is called Picco.  This place is topping many peoples best of lists, and I agree.  It is in the south end, and serves up pizza inspired by Peppe's in New Haven.  All of these pizzerias I am mentioning are a fairly short cab ride from each other.  513 Tremont St, Boston, 02116 - (617) 927-0066

    I don't really think Boston has anything that close to NY style pizza.  The closest we have is probably a place called New York pizza.  It is on Tremont st. very close to where that street intersects with Boylston st.  This is also right on the edge of the Boston Common and right on the edge of Chinatown (once called the combat zone). (617) 482-3459
    224 Tremont St, Boston

    I think my personal favorites are Picco and Regina, but be aware that these are both sit down restaraunts.  NY pizza and the Upper Crust are slice joints, with the upper crust being a little more upscale offering more gourmet toppings.

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  • I found where Haymarket pizza is, and I kind of think this is the place.  It's definitely not Al Capone's.  That's on Broad Street, not far from Rowes Wharf.  One of these days I'll have to take a drive in and see for myself.