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  • No members stepped forward with a theme for this month, so the moderators will fill in. This month, we're looking for you to apply your creativity in delicious ways to include poultry products in your pies. Anything in the class Aves is permitted. Must be pies baked this month. Photos encouraged.

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  • How disappointing that no one (yet) thought that this was a worthy challenge. The only entry so far seems to have been withdrawn.  :(

    So if I think this is such a good theme, I'd better deliver the goods with my own entry. I had some leftover smoked turkey and have also been itching to try Big Bob Gibson's BBQ sauce on a pizza. So I shredded the leftover meat, mixed in the stuffing and gravy.

  • #4 by norma427 on 27 Feb 2010
  • This is my submission for the Monthly Challenge.  A Buffalo Chicken Pizza I made tonight.  I really do like this kind of white pizza.  :)

  • #5 by Pete-zza on 28 Feb 2010
  • I had to scramble to make the pizza I am submitting this month. It is a take-off on the California Pizza Kitchen Jamaican Jerk Chicken. As noted at the CPKI website, at, the Jamaican Jerk Chicken comprises spiced chicken breast with a spicy sweet Caribbean sauce, Mozzarella cheese, applewood smoked bacon (I used regular bacon), mild onions, roasted red & yellow peppers and green onions. I also used white onion. I found a recipe on the internet for a Caribbean sauce and for the dough I used a version of the Emilia's dough as described at . For convenience for the jerk seasoning, I used the World Harbors brand as shown at

    The pizza has a lot of moving parts and took a long time to make but it was worth it in my opinion. It was delicious, with a harmony of sweet and spice and heat. I plan to post further detail on the pizza but, for now, I wanted to post a photo before the clock struck twelve.


    EDIT (11/13/17): For the Wayback machine version of the Emilia's dough link, see
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  • Peter,

    Your Jamaican Jerk Chicken sounds tasty.  :)  If you used a sponge and made the dough the same day it will be interesting to hear how the crust tasted.