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General Pizza Making / Re: Ohio Valley style - DiCarlo's Pizza recipe
« Last post by mrmambo on Today at 05:21:16 PM »
The Crust
½ lb of yeast
3 gallons of water
14 ½ cups of high gluten flour…make it into a slurry then add as much flour as you need to make it like bread dough.   High gluten dough is bread dough
1/3 cup of salt

I just found this thread after many years and wondered if by “cup” the author meant a measuring vessel they’d use in a pizzeria. Like a 64 oz. Cambro “cup”.

- Thus 14.5 “cups” would be 928 fluid ounces or 116 fluid cups.
- ATK uses 5.5 oz/156g per cup of bread flour; in this case that’s 638 oz/40 lbs. by weight
- 3 gallons of water is 24 lbs by weight

That’d give you a 60% hydration, which is still a little low, but more plausible.
Cookbook Reviews / Re: Modernist Pizza
« Last post by amolapizza on Today at 05:17:33 PM »
Tell me why we'd want to do all those things.

To make a cherry sized object that explodes with pizza margherita taste and costs $5! :)
Cookbook Reviews / Re: Modernist Pizza
« Last post by werty20 on Today at 05:16:11 PM »
just watched modernist pizza ig live with tony g, he went to 4-5 h fermentation now !
Neapolitan Style / Re: My progress thread
« Last post by typicalsam on Today at 05:15:54 PM »
Wow I haven't posted here all summer! I was in Sweden for a bit and then got a new obsession, surfing!

Hmm so I changed from the local mozzarella to galbani and the melt is a lot "nicer" as in it holds its shape and texture a bit more instead of melting into flat bits like the reduced moisture stuff does.

Nice to see another P134H user! I will read through the topic later, but your pies looks great!

In the first post you write that you did the stage in balls on a wooden chopping board, is that still the case? If so, how do they feel when opening? I ferment in a plastic box, but with a piece of pine under the balls. The top of the balls get a sticky surface, but the bottom dries out and makes it a lot easier to open and launch without needing too much bench flour. When they are perfect I don’t need any at all. The top of the balls I dry out a little before opening by holding them in front of the fan exhaust on the right side of the oven. I used to take them out 20 minutes before, but found this method quite effective.

Thanks! I actually moved away from using the chopping board as I had to put bowls and stuff on top of the dough balls then they stuck to the bowls when lifting them off. I now use a glass rectangular oven dish and use the chopping board as a lid. It means I can quite easily fit up to 6 balls in a siminal fashion to the plastic dough trays, but without having more specialist equipment to store in the kitchen!
Cookbook Reviews / Re: Modernist Pizza
« Last post by ARenko on Today at 05:14:03 PM »

Watch this video and tell me you're doing these things.  You're not.  I already know it. 
Tell me why we'd want to do all those things.
Stones/tiles/steel, Pans & Accessories / Re: Turning Peel Question
« Last post by ARenko on Today at 05:02:15 PM »
I think that’s more common with smaller ovens (Ooni, Roccbox).  My guess is that it’s to prevent the top from being done before the bottom is.
That's why I do it with my Ardore.
Neapolitan Style / Re: Mini Trip Report - Naples & Pizza Class
« Last post by typicalsam on Today at 04:18:23 PM »
Thanks for the update. Seems like you enjoyed the experience. Only goes to show there are many places off the radar that make good pizza.

Yeah it's hard to tell just judging by a name and trip advisor what a place will be like. There's a lot of modern artisan pizza which I'm not instinctively drawn to. But it was very tasty.

Very interesting read, i've learned some more about pizza, like the more toppings you use, the smaller the pizza should be and the bottom a bit thicker. Logical when you think about it. I like big pizza's with thin bottoms and sometimes struggle with the prosciutto being to heavy causing the pizza to stick to the metal peel.

The never ending journey continues!
Indeed! Having a slightly less thin base had made my pizzas a lot easier to launch but I haven't noticed them being particularly thick or heaby to eat.
Off-Topic Foods / Re: New waffle maker flex
« Last post by Heikjo on Today at 04:07:12 PM »
If you maintain a sourdough culture, waffles leavened with leftover starter are a revelation.
How long and where do you let the batter sit?

I’ve made both pancakes and waffles with sourdough and find it works great for both. I love pancakes, especially something we call «lapper» in norwegian, which translates to «patches». They are made as a snack or dessert, typically eaten with jam, and often made with cultured milk. I love what the acidity of the milk does to them, and sourdough can provide more flavour.

Waffles in Norway typically looks like this and are soft. Some make them crunchy, but I like them soft.

Resources / Sources for Kindling Size Wood for Portable Pizza Oven
« Last post by pizza-in on Today at 03:53:18 PM »
Hi All,

Where do you all get your wood fuel for portable pizza ovens (like Roccbox).

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