Author Topic: Newbie Cold Fermented Neopolitan Pizza Dough won't rise  (Read 331 times)

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Newbie Cold Fermented Neopolitan Pizza Dough won't rise
« on: July 29, 2021, 04:48:19 PM »
Hi all

So after many attempts, and my dough never rising, I'm hoping to get some insight here.

I'm trying to make a simple Neopolitan Pizza.

8 Pizzas. 250g each.

1197g flour
766g water (64%) (I've tried 61% up to 70%)
36g sea salt (3%)
0.81g Instant Dry Yeast (1.27ml is easier to measure)

The method I use ... I've tried many so far.

Last attempt.

I add the salt to 100ml water to dissolve.
Separately I add 500g flour to 500g water and let it soak for an hour (Autolease) (I've tried with and without this step)
I add the "salt" water to the flour mixture and mix it up.
I add more flour while mixing.
I add the instant yeast while mixing. (I've tried different packets of yeast)
I add the last of the flour.
Knead it for 5 mins.
Seal in an air-tight container. Put in the fridge for 24 to 72 hours. (I've tried 24, 46 and  72 hours. Once even 6 days) (I've tried from 1 degree Celcius up to 8 degrees C (35.6F to 46.4F))
Take it out. Make nice tight dough balls. Cover in a thin layer of flour, or a thin layer of oil with a brush. (Have tried both)
Leave it for an hour or 2 or 3 or 4 to rise. But it never does. Have tried many different options. Have tried normal room temp. Have put it in the windowsill for an extra bit of heat. Have tried in the car on the dashboard for heat. Even put it in the oven at 30 degrees Celcius (86 degrees Fahrenheit) for an hour or 2. I use a glass holder. I mark the level of the dough. The dough rises 0 percent.

I make the pizza in an Ooni Karu, wood fired, I aim for 450C - 500C (842F - 932F). I've also tried the gas fitting for the Ooni oven when it was raining outside and I couldn't use wood fire. No matter what I do, the pizza comes out flat and dense.

What can I try to do differently to get a nice crust?


I also mailed the flour company that put me in touch with the lab that tests the flour from the mill.

00 Farina Flour Specification:

% Flour Moisture - 13.2
Protein (NIR)(12%mb) - 11.59
Flour falling number - 311
% Ash - 0.6
Absorption (%, 14%mb)(NIR) - 59.2
% Gluten - 28.63
P/L Value - 1.29
Deformation Energy - 328
Strength - 50.15 (Being in South Africa, I'm not sure what metric they use to measure this. I mailed and asked. Not sure if this matched the "W" rating you guys use.)

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Re: Newbie Cold Fermented Neopolitan Pizza Dough won't rise
« Reply #2 on: July 29, 2021, 06:53:14 PM »

If you are using 0.81 grams of IDY with 1197 grams of flour, that comes to only 0.0677%. That is far too low for a cold fermented dough. You might want to use the following chart to determine how much IDY to use for your particular application and conditions:

Reply 261 at https://www.pizzamaking.com/forum/index.php?topic=26831.msg393271#msg393271 (click to enlarge)

You should also place the dough after mixing and kneading into the refrigerator in a container without a lid for about a couple of hours before replacing the lid. The dough ball can be lightly brushed with oil on the top when placed into the container. You can also put a small hole in the center of the lid.

Should you adopt the above suggestions and you still encounter problems, feel free to return for further advice. If you succeed, please also let us know.