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Title: Best NY style crust EVER!
Post by: tdmays on May 29, 2003, 12:02:18 PM
Hello everybody,there is a crust recipe on entitled" overcoming the obstacles of homemade pizza." This is a subscriber site connected with Cooks Magazine which I receive. It can be accessed for as little as 3.95$ I would give all the recipe directly, but as I didn't do the work,it doesn't seem right. I will give you my tweeks however. First cut this recipe in half for one 15" pie. Weigh everything ,starting with 10 oz Sir Lancelot flour. Do hold back some of the water as the recipe says while mixing to account for humidity. Rest at room temp 2 hours.Retard in refer. 6-7 hours. Punch down. Rest at room temp (in my house about 80 deg, adjust accordingly)to take off chill ,1.5 hours .Form into 8" disk on work surface,cover.Preheat oven with stone on botton rack to 550 ONE FULL HOUR. The entire oven process took me 1.5 hours,during which the dough disk was rising again. I shaped and built the pie ,it cooked in 7 min. I let it cool 5 min on a rack, and it was the best NY style crust I had ever made! I live in S.Florida and we have tons of NY style pizza parlors so I have experience in this! Good Luck!
Title: Re:Best NY style crust EVER!
Post by: Steve on May 30, 2003, 09:54:12 AM
I subscribe to Cook's Illustrated magazine... and I also purchased their "Pizza" book. Is this recipe printed in the magazine and/or book?
Title: Re:Best NY style crust EVER!
Post by: dtmays on June 01, 2003, 06:45:07 PM
It was in the May 1995 issue,before my time. I've never seen their book.