• #1 by Jersey Pie Boy on 19 Nov 2022
  • Okay, a very fast, probably quite valid, yet non-scientific test.
    Both pizzerias invoke NYC: Escape from New York, and rival Straight from New York. Straight is very close to me, Escape is crosstown. Since I was in that neighborhood today, I grabbed a slice to compare.
    Both plain cheese, purchased unheated and re-baked home oven 450F about 10 mins.
    Size difference obvious. Straight is about 30-50 percent larger.
    Straights rim crust has subtle nice flavor. Escape tastes of salt, maybe same day, pretty flavorless crust. Straight brighter tomato flavor, Escape quite bland. Both nicely crispy

    Overall, it's Straight for the win
  • #2 by deb415611 on 19 Nov 2022
  • Itís great that the better one is the one that is close to you
  • #3 by Jersey Pie Boy on 19 Nov 2022
  • Sure is:)
    Actually this visit was prompted by my pizza-loving podiatrist. Our deal was that I'd try Escape, and he'd try Pizza Thief, previously posted here. Very different styles of course.
    Straight from NY is pretty darn good for a quick slice..cheaper, too ..that I can walk under two minutes to grab.
  • #4 by Pizza_Not_War on 19 Nov 2022
  • Escape was dry and oil free when I had it.
  • #5 by Jersey Pie Boy on 19 Nov 2022
  • I'd concur. One and done for me, but fun to test side by side.
  • #6 by hammettjr on 23 Nov 2022
  • Same size pie, but 8-cut vs 6-cut?

  • #7 by Jersey Pie Boy on 23 Nov 2022
  • It looked that way to me. Straight from NY slices always.pretty large bit difference quite dramatic..bigger one is also cheaper.