Extra Stone and Peel vs Perforated Peel

Started by Underwood, November 26, 2022, 05:09:26 AM

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Hi everyone,

Just recently, I started making New York-style Pizza at home. So far, I have still my struggles with dough making but at the same time, I'm so passionate that I'm sure I'll overcome it. Anyways, I have my wood peel but I want to upgrade it because it is too heavy and not meant to launch pizza. I have already Pizza steel but I have heard and made so much sense for me to steel and stone together just like Tony Gemignani recommends. I'm in Turkey so I don't have a lot of options. I found this cardioriate stone and aluminum steel around 35 Dolar but I also want to have Perforated peel which in my place only Ooni 12 or 14 inch is available which is around 60 Dolar. Which one you would go for? Is there a significant difference between these two peels? Thank you for your contribution.

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I have a chinese look-alike of a GI Metal perforated peel and like it a lot. I did have to spend about 20 minutes filing a bevel onto the leading edge, but it cost about half what that ooni peel does, from amazon US. They are available pre-beveled if you look hard enough.

I received tony's bible as a gift recently but haven't read much of it yet - I dunno what steel and stone together is about.
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You could always find a different wooden peel that is not as thick so it wouldn't be as heavy.
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So I've used both the Ooni perforated peel and generic non-perforated peels like you have pictured.

I prefer the perforated peel. I feel the launch is easier, it cuts some excess flour, and cools off quickly if I'm turning with my hands (I usually do that during the winter as I want to get back inside ASAP! :-D
- Travis