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Ask the Dough Doctor / Re: Differences between 00 flour and bread flour
« Last post by Yael on Today at 08:23:21 PM »

Thank you again.  You are very generous with your time and knowledge.  I need to check out Baking Science and Technology by E.J. Pyler at the reference library, where I know they have a copy, or perhaps purchase a copy somewhere.


I just wanted to write exactly the same. I am in a couple of pizza forums, and I can get here some answers I can't get anywhere else. Thanks again for sharing!
If you need any information about France (or China) just let me know, haha!  ;)

You're welcome, and thank you too for raising other interesting issues. I guess I'll try to find this book too, not sure if I can find it in French, although we do have a couple of books about bread, that I hope to be good (should be, right?!  :-D)
General Pizza Making / Re: Hermit's Pizza Fare
« Last post by Hermit on Today at 08:21:29 PM »
The sausage looks great!  Very nice looking pie.

Thanks Harry, this texture cant be beat, thin slices makes for a great bite!  Your pics of the NY slices with the sausage loaded up really got me, my old spot did the sausage like that.  Once I figure out how cold I need these sausages to slice really cleanly I hope to start getting some of those classic NY style sausage strips.  I cooled the links down in the fridge for 2 hours then in the freezer for 30 minutes and they were still a bit wet.  Maybe next time I'll cook them a day ahead and give them a day to congeal in the fridge.
General Pizza Making / Re: Hermit's Pizza Fare
« Last post by HarryHaller73 on Today at 08:15:41 PM »
The sausage looks great!  Very nice looking pie.
Very nice Pittsburgh pizzeria write up that includes Josh123's Rockaway Pizzeria (and a pizzamaking.com shout out). That pepperoni pie looks tasty.

General Pizza Making / Re: Hermit's Pizza Fare
« Last post by Hermit on Today at 08:06:17 PM »
Shout out to MR for the inspiration on this pie and also for his detailed information regarding his use of thin sliced italian sausage.  I slowly cooked a couple of links in just a bit of water and garlic salt, pulled the sausages when they were about medium/medium well.  Cooled em down and sliced them in the slicer.  I did one length wise and one into round cuts.  They were the same thickness as the pepperoni.  I stretched the skin, it performed really well, no real issues in stretching though I didnt really get much of the reball effect, perhaps it was because I didnt ball the dough initially after I mixed it.  I balled it  6.5H prior to bake.

Pizza was topped with 7oz of NY style sauce, a big pinch of parmesan, 9oz of cubed frigo LMPS mozz, boars head pepperoni, and 2 links of thin sliced italian sausage.  Pizza was baked on screen center rack in 500F oven for 10m with convection.  Pizza was finished with more parmesan post bake.

The texture of the toppings were perfect, I think the thin italian sausage is really a key to a good tender texture.  Piling the sausage up on the pie allows the top pieces to get a little bit of color and crust while the pieces underneath seem to just marinate in the juices of the sausage above.  I included a pic of the pie pre-bake to show how piled up it was.

Great pizza, probably one of my top 5 favorites I've ever made.  Crust flavor was actually damn good for 10H, perhaps the 0.25% DMP brought enough to make it complex without overpowering.
New York Style / Re: Tonight's 6 day Pizzas
« Last post by Jackitup on Today at 08:01:36 PM »
Why does your weed container say "sugar" on it?

So I'm not the only one that picked up on that!😂😂
Off-Topic Foods / Re: Instant Pot
« Last post by Jackitup on Today at 07:23:50 PM »
Still a leeeetle firm in the center, back in for 20 minutes! Time to peel potatoes and make my horsey sauce!!! :drool:
Newbie Topics / Re: Anybody here ever have Tripoli's Pizza?
« Last post by sliceoflosangeles on Today at 07:14:06 PM »
by far the WORST pizza i've ever had. couldnt even finish one slice

What was it about it the pizza that you didn't like? I understand it's different but it's not that different that it's an acquired taste, just a bit sweet. I do remember a cardboard feeling to it though
General Pizza Making / Re: Post a Pic of Your Pie - Daily Update
« Last post by parallei on Today at 07:08:19 PM »
Another attempt at Pizza al teglia.   Still a ways to go.  This stuff is the baguette of the pizza world.

I think my biggest issue is getting the dough spread evenly in the pan?
You can probably get a copy at Amazon.
Don't forget to check out any used book stores too.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor
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