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Title: Tried the PH Pan Pizza
Post by: Trogdor33 on December 24, 2009, 10:33:45 PM
I got 2 lloyd pstk deep dish pans for christmas from my parents when we went up to visit (14" LC Stacking), so I of course brought dough with me to try them out. I ran into a couple snags, the oven wouldn't get past 400 and since I did a 2 day cold ferment on the dough (used 1/2 yeast) but didn't adjust the salt upwards, the dough burst out of my containers. Regardless, they turned out pretty well and everybody thought they turned out good. I didn't get a chance to take pics though.

Last night, I whipped up another batch of PH pan dough, but used the regular recipe adapted for a wet knead. Kneading 44oz of this kind of dough for 10 minutes was a nightmare last time I used xPhMgr's technique. It was a little more difficult than my normal NY style, but still fairly straightforward. I cut back the oil in the pan to 2oz but had a hard time getting a uniformly round dough disk to put in the pan. In the future I may try flouring my surface before rolling out or possibly letting it get warm and hand stretching.

The dough was in the fridge, in the pans (which were stacked), for 12 hours and I left them on the stove top while the oven preheated. By the time they were ready to dress, the dough had filled out to the sides much better.

Overall, I was very satisfied with how it worked out this time. I would have liked to get a little more heat on the top side to give me some crust coloration and pepperoni crisping, but such is my oven. The texture of the crust was exactly like PH, but I am still a little off on the sauce. 

So you can all look at the pics and I am gonna warm some leftovers up in the toaster oven...
Title: Re: Tried the PH Pan Pizza
Post by: SSalty on February 14, 2010, 10:29:01 PM

That pie looks delicious :pizza:
Title: Re: Tried the PH Pan Pizza
Post by: Randy on February 16, 2010, 07:18:34 AM
I take my dough out of the fridge 3 hours before shaping.  In a cool house I would add another hour.
I used the pizza hut recipe to make a really good Chicago like deep dish pizza.,8410.0.html (,8410.0.html)