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  • Awesome- we were dressner's distributor for many years- I travelled with him in France before he passed away.
  • #22 by quietdesperation on 22 Apr 2017
  • we were up for an overnight, tried agave and ithaca bakery from your list, both very good, thanks for suggestions. We also had serviceable dim sum in collegetown, looks like a lot of interesting food to try over the course of her four years!
  • #23 by quietdesperation on 31 Oct 2017
  • we were up in Ithaca for parent's weekend and tried zsa zsa's, another great recommendation from corkd. actually, we went up two days early which allowed us to spend time hiking and visiting finger lakes wineries and breweries. wow, the wine has really improved since our last visit 25 years ago!
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  • Glad you likedó there is some excellent wine being made here these days!
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  • we were back in watkins glen to pick up my daughter for break, snagged a reservation at FLX Table in Geneva. It was named the best new restaurant in the U.S. by US Today. The wine selection was awesome, I had a glass of luneau-papin muscadet, Pierre Overnoy Poulsard Arbois Pupillin and a huet le mont demisec with dessert. We enjoyed the communal table, the food was well-prepared with precision and flair but it just didn't appeal to my heart.
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  • that went by in a flash! our favorite restaurant turned out to be hawi, a byob Ethiopian restaurant  close to the commons. tomorrow a couple of watkins glen wineries (red newt and silver thread) and then stonecat.

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  • Congratulations to the grad.
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  • Man, time really does fly! Congrats!!
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  • thanks guys, definitely a bittersweet experience having the youngest graduate from college. She did very well but I can't really recommend the school to lived up to a lot of my worst expectations: crazy amount of very hard work, very little support from profs, negative grading curves and cutthroat competition. I'll always believe Middlebury would have been a better choice.

    Her splash out grad meal was at stonecat on seneca lake, my wife and I have been twice, first time with the kids, everyone loved it. If you're ever in the area, it's a must.

    finally, thanks to member corkd for his great list of restaurants
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  • Congrats to the grad! Glad you could make it over to Seneca as well. The Ethiopian place is news to me so i look forward to trying it.
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  • thanks corkd, we never got to Tian Jin Foods, we love the food of Northern china, good reviews, probably also worth a try.

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  • Doggone it, Pie Boy isn't even on that job chart! And to think, I coulda been a scrum master..huh? Of course, seriously Peter is right.

    Back to ithaca...yes. can get cold...needed warm jackets and hats to see 4th of July fireworks. .we were visiting friends

    Is Moose wood restaurant still there?

    I graduated from Cornell business school (JGSM 2002) and to this day, I still make Moosewood's Asian Fish in a Packet!!!  You can find the recipe online.  It's super easy and ridiculously good!!

    + 1 on the cold weather gear!!

    By the way, I was recently bouncing around Ithaca virtually on Google maps.  I was trying to find the pizzeria I used to go to but it's no longer there.  :-(  It was on the left side of State Street as you go into town, on the downhill, just before it splits at the Commons.  It was always smelled horribly of cigarette smoke, but the pizza was the closest to NYC style I could find back then...
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  • Thanks Gags..just saw this. I still make their cornbread..terrific! Donated our well-used book to library when we compressed all our possessions to cram into one PackRat cube to head west..
    Portland is quite Moosewood-y actually  :)

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  • Bill, I was in portland 20 years ago for work, thought the restaurants were really interesting, well-priced and just about everyone allowed byob. really enjoyed the city and it was tough to turn down the job offer that came my way.