• #241 by pizzaman1 on 12 Jul 2021
  • thanks hans!!
  • #242 by Pete-zza on 12 Jul 2021
  • pizzaman1,

    I agree with Hans, you did a nice job. Is there a particular recipe you used?

  • #243 by pizzaman1 on 12 Jul 2021
  • Thanks Peter!

    58% hydration
    1.8% sea salt
    0.6% CY
    3% oil

    balled shortly after mix, CF overnight. took the dough balls out a few hours before baking! i used crisco in pan, ill try oil next time to compare!
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  • Has anyone tried todzillas gluten free recipe?  My mom is gluten free and was thinking of trying when she visits next
  • #245 by HansB on 15 Jul 2021
  • This formula works great for Detroit Style. Just scale it to 200g for a 10" SSBP.
  • #246 by Dasnyde4 on 17 Jul 2021
  • So I decided to take my own spin on South Shore Gluten Free Bar style.  This turned out really well.  My mom loved this and I thought it was probably the best gluten free I have ever had.  It tasted pretty close to the regular bar.  I ended up cooking it for 13 mins in the pan and then 3ish min on the stone to finish up the browning.  It sat on the counter for about 7 hours at 75ish.  I made two doughs, but it only came out to about 170g.  I ended up making 1 and a half pizzas.  If doing this again, I would up the total grams to about 250 I thin,.

    Flour Caputo Gluten Free (100%)   212.396   
    Water(68%)   144.429   
    Instant Dry Yeast (0.7%)   1.487   
    Regular/Fine Sea Salt (2%)   4.248   
    Olive Oil (8%)   16.992   
    Sugar (1.5%)   3.186   
    Baking Soda (0.5%)   1.062   
    Total (180.7%)   383.8   
    Single Ball (2 balls total)   191.9   
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  • That looks really good. You just can't beat Caputo Fioreglut.
  • #248 by Dasnyde4 on 17 Jul 2021
  • That looks really good. You just can't beat Caputo Fioreglut.

    Yeah irs pretty good although super pricy.  It does have a smell that is a little off putting,  but better than anything else on the market
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  • Made another bar pie
    Dough was
    150g flour (used 1/3 All Trumps and 2/3 KABF)
    100g water
    7g oil
    3g salt
    2g IDY
    Whirrled in Ninja food processor, gave a few folds.  Let sit for about 4 hours room temp.  Fridge for about 18 hours
    Pressed into oiled pan, let rest, press more then leave it for about 3 hours.
    Add garlic and oil to base, shredded parm
    Add no cook tomato sauce
    Add a mix of shredded Mozz, Cheddar and Shpoppy Shawns Shmoked Cheddar and Bacon cheese.
    Slivered onion
    500 oven on Baking Steel

    <this one was more greasy than past Bar pies, due to more cheddar this time>
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  • Friday Bar Pie.

    That is a real thing of beauty.
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  • That is a real thing of beauty.

    Thank you Craig.
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  • Here's my first attempt at bar pizza. The first one (burger) i baked at 525 but had to pull it at 10 min's. didn't get done. The 2nd one (pep/onion) did at 475 on a baking steel for 13 min's. It cooked through pretty nice.

    Appreciate any comments or suggestions. Thanks...

    Flour KAAP Bread Flour
    Water 65.0%
    IDY      0.50%
    Salt      1.50%
    EVOO   8.00%

    190 g per pizza

    Mixed in a food processor using 78F water, bulked for 2 hours at RT
    re-balled, into CF for 26 hours
    RT for 2 hours, panned

    sauce is cento crushed tom's, lil sugar, salt, oregano

    Mix of cheese: 185g total, 135g WM Mozz, 50g Tillamook Extra Sharp Cheddar
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  • Looks good!
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  • Todays SSBP. Sausage and red onion.