• #1 by gmladdison on 21 Jul 2021
  • Just finished doing a day of testing with the kind folks at pizza master. Our shop will only have 16 inch pies, so that’s what we were playing with today.

     We tested 8 doughs, and made probably 25 or so pizzas. We tried different ratios of Italian flour and american bread flour. And a few doughs with percentages of whole grains mixed in. We landed at 63% hydration as a starting point, but may play with that number.

    I tend to prefer a more well done pizza, and am hoping our guests are open to that, but we shall see. I would love to have some feed back from you all about our pies. This is the one which we felt was the winner. The dough is 30% stagione flour, 60% KA bread flour, 10% rye flour. It’s made with 20% poolish, and fermented for 36 hours. The cheeses are grande 50/50 mozz/provolone blend, and grande fior di latte. The tomatoes were from Stanislaus which we will most likely change.

    Thank you to everyone on this forum. I have learned an incredible amount of information here.


  • #2 by dedede on 21 Jul 2021
  • This is exactly how I like my cheese pies. This looks amazing. Where is your shop? Best of luck!
  • #3 by Pizza_Not_War on 21 Jul 2021
  • Looks great 👍.
  • #4 by jimd on 21 Jul 2021
  • Hi ——are you yet open for business? I am also in DC and would love to check it out and say hello!