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Off-Topic Foods / Re: Today's Bread
« Last post by foreplease on Today at 06:13:00 AM »
Open crumb long ferment with multiple coil folds, 83% HR, over nite preoof (i did just invent that word).
Awesome loaf of bread!
Off-Topic Foods / Re: Buffalo Chicken Pizza
« Last post by jkb on Today at 05:00:11 AM »
How do you plan to make the pizza?  I used to make a Buffalo chicken on a regular basis but it's been 10+ years and I can't remember how I did it.
Pizza Ovens / Re: New: Ooni Karu 16 Multi-Fuel Oven
« Last post by Quebert on Today at 03:43:08 AM »
One thing I just learned about it from a YT video is it burns 4.9lb of propane per 10 pizzas, on the same video he says his Koda 16 burns 1.3lb of propane per 10 pizzas.  That's a super massive difference.  Weird how 2 ovens from the same company that cook the same max pizzas size can have such a huge gap in propane usage.  I'm guessing my old Koda 12 used a lot less than the Koda 16. So the Karu 16 will be pretty expensive to fuel.  That's almost 4x as much propane as the Koda 16, and next to my Koda 12 would probably be 5 or maybe 6 times.
Chicago Style / Re: Help with Pythonic Lou's Recipe
« Last post by Cragganmore17 on Today at 02:41:49 AM »
Hello Everyone, I wanted to make Pythonic's Lou's recipe. My problem is I have zero idea on how much dough to use for my pans. I bought some Lloydpans 7" x 2.25" deep dish pans. I have no idea what an appropriate weight of dough would be for that size of pan. I asked in the thread but unfortunately I think my question got lost and overlooked between the pics of everyone's amazing looking pies. I know we have dough calculators on the site, but there's many variables that I have no clue on how to fill and what the standard is such as thickness factor, how far up the dough should go on the pan, bowl residue compensation. I can make a pretty damn good Detroit Style thanks to Hans infamous post here and want to venture out into new pizza territory for me.
What’s an appropriate amount of dough weight for a 7”x2.25” pan?
Assuming a height of 1.5" and allowing for a little loss factor (2%), 227 grams.  Its worth spending a little time in Excel to make a calculator that will automatically adjust recipes to the size of your pan. 
Neapolitan Style / Re: It's all in the CRUST!
« Last post by Razvan81 on Today at 02:27:26 AM »
Thanks I'll definitely try the method above, although I'm a bit scared of boosting the oven but hey, could worth it! :)
Right, thanks :) As long as I'm not actually risking physically breaking anything by having that steel on it, I can deal with any other issues for sure.
So if I'm reading you correctly, there shouldn't be an issue with the heavy steel sitting "perched" somewhat on the nipple?

There may very well be an issue, since the oven uses "smart" PID controllers to adjust the temps during the preheat, bake, and recovery. If the algorithms make assumptions about the conductivity of the deck in order to make temp adjustments, you may find it difficult to "dial-in" your desired results. Or you may not. You'll find out soon enough. 
The 3 minutes was because the top crust didn't appear to me to be done until about 3 minutes in. With the 750 top and bottom, it seems the bottom bakes much faster than the top. As I said, I'll need to dial it in :)

So if I'm reading you correctly, there shouldn't be an issue with the heavy steel sitting "perched" somewhat on the nipple?
WOW. What a difference with the 1/4" steel. The pizza was completely BURNT in spider-web patterns on the underside after about 3 minutes of baking (at 750 in manual mode on top and bottom). It wasn't even fully pre-heated. Definitely going to have to dial it in a bit, but this is way better than the stone.

One question I have--what is the little "nipple" in the centre of the bottom part of the oven? I see the stone that comes with the oven has a little cut-out in the middle of its underside in order to accommodate that nipple. Do I need to make a little cut-out for the steel too? Right now the steel kind of sits awkwardly on it--not too bad, and I was able to make the pizzas with no problems, but I'm just wondering if the heavy steel might damage this little nub piece.

IRRC, the temperature gauge for the bottom element resides in the "nipple". Also IIRC, the nipple is a switch that detects whether the bottom stone is in place. Why 3 minutes?
Neapolitan Style / Re: Neapolitan with a twist
« Last post by Yael on Today at 01:21:22 AM »
That must be the twist. Making a Neapolitan without an oven.

«Pizza oven sellers hate this trick - click the link to see more»

 :-D :-D :-D
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