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China Mixers, Atosa, Kitma, Vevor, Avantco, Galaxy, etc.
« on: October 17, 2021, 02:06:22 AM »
I'm looking for a 10qt mixer and beating my head over trying to make an informed decision.  I've scoured the web seeking more information on who makes what, where, and how, there's little information to help with this process.  For example, HappyBuy and Vevor appear to be the same, Atosa and Kitma appear to be the same, Uniworld, General, and Primo all appear to have come off the same line.  There are many others but you get my point so I'm hoping anybody with any information or first hand experience can post here to hopefully make life easier for others in the future.

To tell you my journey as somebody who only makes about 100 pounds of brownie batter a year (meal prep) I got a Kitchen Aid 600 Pro for $200, too small.  After a year of hunting found a Hobart A200 20qt for $500 thinking it could replace my meat grinder and mixer, too big/horrible meat grinder.  I then got a Hobart C100 ($400 with new bowl and paddle) which was a nice balance but it's older and I don't want to deal with servicing it.  I settled on a new Atosa PPM-10 (got a Weston #32 for my grinder) for $825 because it was on a site that allows me to return it in person if I have an issue.

Not intending for that to distract from the thread and don't need advice as I'll update when it comes to let you know my thoughts.  My goal was to give some back story with my journey and context for future comments.

I would really love to hear if any of you have an real like experience beyond the standard dislike of China mixers.  Like actual facts as to value points, point of diminishing returns and so on as well as any details you know about specific makers, resellers, and rebranding.   

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Re: China Mixers, Atosa, Kitma, Vevor, Avantco, Galaxy, etc.
« Reply #1 on: January 25, 2022, 09:22:53 AM »
I'm interested as well

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Re: China Mixers, Atosa, Kitma, Vevor, Avantco, Galaxy, etc.
« Reply #2 on: January 25, 2022, 08:39:42 PM »
I can't offer any direct info on mixers, but am familiar with the rebranding in another field ( woodworking and metal working machines)  As I understand it, while many different brands are coming out of the same factory, that does not mean they are identical.  Typically, the main chasis of the ( in this case ) mixer, will be identical,  but as it goes down the line, a name brand, or even more upscale maker, may demand a better class of bearings, or other components.  When they switch over to making mixers for a different brand, they may switch to a cheaper bearing, or even bronze bushing instead of a ball bearing,  or other components. So while two machines may look identical from the outside, that does not guarantee that every component inside will be the same.

As to the value issue, it is mostly a probability analysis.  If you buy from a local seller, and it has a warranty, if something goes wrong in your machine, or a replacement part, it is likely you will get some satisfaction.  They may have a QC person in China that rejects certain items because they don't meet tolerances or the finish isn't right.  If you buy it direct from Alibaba ,  the odds are not as great that you get warranty support or replacement parts, and the tolerances may be way off. On the other hand, the machine may work flawlessly, so you may come out ahead. 

If it is a direct knock off, and they get it right, the engineering is probably okay.  If it is not a direct knock off, you run the risk that the cut corners, and substituted something incorrectly.  I love my Blackstone Pizza Oven, but it is clearly a chinese knockoff of Willards 2Stone oven.  The 2Stone had an elegant solution to holding the platter, a pillow bearing located directly over the motor that  held the weight of the platter and allowed you to adjust the height.  When BS did the knock off, they instead used a much cheaper type of  bearing, at a different location, and in the instructions,  it said to put the lock collar on a solid tube.  As a result many users ending up buying a thrust bearing.  While that is not a big deal, if you buy a more expensive item, and aren't familiar with how it is supposed to be designed, you run the risk that they overlooked something important that won't show up till later on.  For other machines I have bought from China, like a small benchtop metal lathe,  I under up doing a fair amount of fitting and modifying to get it working correctly.  While I am pretty handy, I  doubt I would be up to that challenge in a 10 quart mixer, unless I got it for something crazy like 1/5th the price.
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