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General Pizza Making / Re: Post a Pic of Your Pie - Daily Update
« Last post by Decoy205 on Today at 07:14:33 AM »
18” NYS

New York Style / Re: Decoy’s NYS pizza thread 2024
« Last post by Decoy205 on Today at 07:09:18 AM »
So last night I tested the limit of my home oven to see if I can get an 18” pizza in.   I set the steel at the very bottom of the oven on top of two racks to support it.  That’s where it was deep enough for the screen. The bottom of the oven is the heat source so the steel was 30* hotter there. I used a screen since my steel is only 16”. 

My main issues was I stretched the dough about a half inch too big so it was touching the back of the oven. This made turning the pie for an even bake difficult.  Overall the pizza was good.  The taste was perfect Street slice and I had a no flop fold.  The crust wasn’t set to where I would like due to the hang off the steel but it’s all good.  It actually reminded me of Saccos on 9th and 54th in NY based on the edge dough texture.
I’ll probably stick with 16 ot 17”.  The dough was great though.  My recipe is where I want it

48 CF 61% AT cooked about 6 mins.  Oven at 550 convection steel temped at 580 on launch. It was at 596 but baked a small white pie right before.

Luck? Haha you had the pizza gods with you.  Glad it worked out.

Shop Talk / Re: My Dream of opening a pizzeria
« Last post by Blang1 on Today at 05:34:49 AM »
Blang1 I didn't get a chance to respond to all of your suggestions but I re read them several times and there's some great stuff in there some of wich I'm doing.. other stuff I NEED to prioritize asap but I appreciated the time you took to share that with me!


I appreciate the reply! I'm rooting for you and want to see you succeed and hope you recognize that's where it all came from!

I had to quit school in 6th grade after Familys house burnt down in 93'. My folks didnt have insurance.. Me and my siblings had to split up and live with different friends for awhile until my dad found another place for us to live.  I ied about my age and  started working in a  packaging warehouse along with my older Bro & Sister, to help my folks out financially.

As a teenager, There was an amazing Pizzeria around the corner from one of my favorite surf spots, it was my favorite slice "Tony's Pizzeria" the owner Tony opened in 1959' i think.i loved watching him make pie after pie, he was such a cool guy..

The last 2 days I kept getting really emotional streatching, saucing and Topping the pies.. people were whatching and smiling. Life is hard, life is Crazy. But sometimes Life is Good.

This is the kind of stuff your customer base needs to hear! It should be part of your social media presence, but regardless of that, don't be afraid to express this to anyone and everyone who will listen. People love this stuff.

You want to be the kind of guy people talk about like they know you on a first-name basis, can't wait to tell people how much they love what you're doing over there at the new spot, etc.
Chicago Style / Re: My Malnati's DD Clone
« Last post by Blang1 on Today at 02:48:04 AM »
I did not find the flavor to be any different or stronger than my past pies, unfortunately. I do like the no sugar and the longer ferment for texture: you can get the crust very crunchy without browning/burning. In the past, I've tried multiple day CFs, same day 5 hour warm oven ferments, and combinations of CF and RT. While this method wasn't the least flavorful that I've made, it wasn't close to Lou's.

With that said, I'm curious if an even longer RT ferment would produce better results. Has anyone tried a 2 day RT?

Having experimented with pushing the fermentation to the brink on a Deep-Dish dough (Papa T is right about this, IMO), I do think it's still possible to over-ferment the dough. And based on what I've seen, I suspect this is right around the point where the sour smell really starts to kick in. Your description as it being "wine like" makes sense as acetic acid has a very strong aroma compared to lactic acid.

"Airy" and "Blob-Y" are subjective but having done the same with my dough I think I know what you're describing. This IMO is past the point that Malnati's dough gets to. From watching them pan their dough their dough is very much on the highly-fermented side of things, but stops short of where it just turns into sour goop.

Whether a 2-day ferment with less yeast would be better overall, I can't speculate, but based on what you described for this go-around, I think that simply a shorter fermentation time (16-18 hours?) would've been better.

The sour smell is what a brewery smells like.

If a brewery that isn't intentionally making sour beer smells sour, and isn't accompanied by the sound and visual of multiple brewers freaking out and running around with cleaning equipment, run.
Home Ovens / Re: New Gozneys coming soon
« Last post by PizzaboyTroy on Today at 02:27:51 AM »
Surprised there are no blurbs by anybody here picking up an Arc yet. Apparently (based on all the posts on social media), certain retailers (namely Home Depot and Ace Hardware) have been selling them prior to the upcoming release date.

I'm tempted. I don't need another oven to make more of my mediocre pizza with, but I love the look and style of it. That doesn't translate to a great deal of efficacy, always, though, and just like many of you, I'm waiting for the reviews from actual customers to roll out rather than fawning over the hype brought on by the 'pizzafluencers'.
Lol you were making a good argument until you started with rent in California.

We're talking about a minimum wage law *In *California.

Most people who work in California also live in California. This is not a difficult concept.

question is though, does it more harm than it does good?

all jobs that generate less than 20$ per hour will get cut eventually, this is preventing people without any skills getting into the workforce, gaining experience and working their way up.

I mean your not supposed to live of minimum wage if you want to live a good life or support a family, a minimum wage job is something you work in while your actually living in your moms basement.

Again, 88% of the people working those jobs are 20 years old or older, and the median age is 35. "supposed to" doesn't mean a lot if those better jobs aren't available.

Though kids these days sure do live at home for a long damn time.
General Pizza Making / Re: Pizza in Germany
« Last post by Essen1 on Today at 01:48:46 AM »
I had leftover dough sitting in the fridge for four days, I believe.

Threw some prosciutto cotto and mushrooms on top, Fior de Agerola, Mutti crushed tomatoes straight out of the can and baked it up at 650°F. Fresh basil, ParmRegg, oregano and garlic oil post-bake. It's not the prettiest pizza but it was really tasty.  ;D

General Pizza Making / Re: Pizza in Germany
« Last post by Essen1 on Today at 01:42:24 AM »
Hey Mike,
This is my brothers sausage making press for his home made sausage. A 40 year old school taught butcher.
He could have made some custom sausage for your pizza gig here. And a pic of dad helping him make a batch.

That is just awesome!

Man, I wish you would have told me sooner. Now it's a bit far for me to come get some  :(
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