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Title: Looking for an oven to replace my green mountain grill pizza oven attachment
Post by: Kenknee on January 09, 2020, 11:25:59 AM
I'm looking to upgrade my oven, so that i can cook a better variety of pizzas and food. My gmg pizza oven attachment has gotten me hooked on homemade pizza. But it has several limitations. Most notably when trying to cook Neapolitan style. It also burns pellets like crazy, and good pellets can get expensive. It burns them so fast, sometimes I'll run out mid cook and it shuts off. I also like to cook sous vide, and would like something that can get me a good sear on my meat, which a 900+ degree oven would certainly accomplish.

So I've been researching a oven that will use gas. After hours of research, there are 3 that I'm most interested in getting: the Ooni Koda, the Ooni Pro, and the Roccbox.

I'd be using gas a vast majority of the time, so the Ooni Pro's fuel versatility isn't a huge selling point. While I'd like to to cook Neapolitan, i also love numerous other styles, especially NY. But none of the oven mention temperature range, only maximum temperature (all supposedly 932F/500C). But I'm curious how long they can go. I'm on the gulf coast. So I cook outdoors as often as possible.

Cost seems to favor the Ooni Koda. If i can pay 50%+ less for an oven that will work as well as the others, I'm all for saving money. I've got too many kitchen appliances as it is. And at Lee's than 25 pounds, it's hard to beat that portability. But can it cook NY?

Size seems to favor the Ooni Pro. The idea of coming 16" NY style is very appealing. The large opening and the door also seems like it would be there most versatile overall oven, especially for searing. Being able to make bread loafs seems badass (even though I've never actually tried that).

The Roccbox seems like it's the most popular oven to cook Neapolitan. I know someone with one who absolutely loves it. It seems like it would do great to sear steaks and chicken breasts, but with a small opening, it may be too small to sear anything else. And I'm not sure if i can justify $700+ for something that'll only cook pizza. Especially when there's a very competitive option at $300 in the Koda.

Even after reading through these forums and throughout the internet, I'm still confused about where I'm leaning. Hell, y'all might even know about ovens that might come out soon that I'm not aware of. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Title: Re: Looking for an oven to replace my green mountain grill pizza oven attachment
Post by: Sulina_77 on June 01, 2020, 08:01:01 AM

I am in your the same situation at the moment. had enough of cooking pizza with a the pan and oven grill system. I am between the ooni pro vs koda vs koda 16 predicament. I tend to like the pro versatility but since I am in the processof changing homes the koda is the most appealing at the moment. pity they are all out of stock at the moment, no real alternatives in the market for the price.

What did you opt out for at the end?