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Title: Lehmann food processor cracker crust, with less hydration and more salt
Post by: john_k on January 14, 2022, 10:35:32 AM
Tweaking the recipe to bring up the salt and bring down the hydration. I think I am done tweaking:

For a 14" pie

High gluten flour (Bouncer) 210g (100%)
salt 3.5g (1.82%)
IDY 1.05g (0.5%
Baking soda 1.05g (.05%)
cold tap water 95g (45.2%)
corn oil 10.5g (5%)

Whiz the dry ingredients in food processor, pour water in slowly (~4 seconds) while FP spins
Add oil, then run 30 more seconds. Dough will be a granulated (not formed), but soft.

Pull out the dough, form it into a tight ball/disk as much as possible.

[Last time the dough had some dry spots after resting, so this morning I wrapped it in oiled plastic wrap before putting it into a ziplock bag]

Countertop rise x 24 hours, then refrigerate ~14 hours, then back on the counter for 10 hours.

[I cook pizza in the morning, so here the pizza stays on the counter 24 hours after being made in late AM, then in the fridge the next morning, then pull out of the fridge before bed so the dough is RT the next morning. I want to roll warm dough]

Preheat oven and steel to 500. Also put dough in warmer-cabinet.

[Still working on this. For now it is a microwave that had some boiling water. I think next time I will use a small stryrofoam cooler with boiling water in containers in the bottom for better temp maintenance. The dough is just so so much easier to roll when it is warm.]

Roll out the dough, dress on parchment, slide into oven, turn oven down to 470.

Remove parchment about 3 minutes in.

Done after 9 minutes total bake time.

[For sauce this time I tried Stanislaus tomato fillets with some added Contadina tomato paste, garlic powder, oregano, salt, pepper, a few drops oil, a few less drops good vinegar, and a little grated cheap parmesan.]

[I am going back to Stanislaus crushed tomatoes, the fillets aren't quite what I want]