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Brick Oven Fueled by Gas Many questions!
« on: August 02, 2022, 11:39:50 AM »
Hello! im working on creating a pizza delivery place. In my region ugly steel ovens are used which only generate about 300 degrees celcius and take a ton of time to heat up while wasting a lot of gas, so ive been wanting to purchase a steel oven (ooni, bertello etc), since i live in south america i cant really get hold of one with ease so ive decided to build my own brick oven, while also trying to recreate the shape that flat steel gas ovens have, YES, im planning on creating a brick oven which operates on GAS, i have a limited amount of bricks and money (50 bricks which are 270mm x 115mm x 48mm)

To simplify the whole process, i didnt choose to build a classic pompei oven, first of all they are too big(i cant afford that many bricks and i dont want that much size) , i wont use wood and it seems to me they take some time to heat up (which is why im going for a gas option), and im looking for that flat look and size, thats why i decided to build its whole structure as masonry arches, like the ones pompeii ovens have on their entrances, the whole roof would be made of these and the height would be reduced, (below 250mm) , since i only need a floor of 400 x 400 mm i can achieve these dimentions with little brick usage and my sanity intact, ill post a picture of my plans

first of all, i want to ask if that segmental arch structure is strong, solid, from an architectonic perspective, will it last, will it sustain heat, does heat affect arches ? the pictures shows bricks layed on header position, this for me is optimal for saving time since more than half the roof will be done on the first arch ( 270mm length), but is this position the best for an arch ?, is it too thin for heat preservation ? roof width without insulator : 48mm is this plus the ceramic fiber and some other insulation enough to preserve the heat the gas flame will produce , or should i go for another thicker type of brick laying?

i also want to know what goes below the refractory brick oven floor, heat proof cement ? gravel ? more fiber ?

what about the thickness of the mortar ? should it be little or THICK? (picture is about 2-3mm)

after an arch is created, how do you stick them together ? when two arches are parallel, do they just get binded by mortar?, is that safe enough?

please do tell me what you see wrong and correct me in any way possible, i want to achieve an oven that can heat up in less than 10 minutes and produce a pizza in about 2. thank you a lot ive learned a lot from american brick layers and workers.