• #1 by Flagpull on 09 Mar 2006
  • Was in New York this weekend (my first time).

    DiFara was my only planned pilgramage while I was there and I made it happen. Dom was AMAZING and his daughters (?) were very kind. The food Not to mention the atmosphere with all of the FDNY and NYPD present. It was just great. Dom's pace is certainly not quick...

    I had two slices of cheese and my girlfriend had two slices of sausage. Great great stuff.

  • #2 by Flagpull on 09 Mar 2006
  • And then, as I was wandering through SoHo I crossed over Bleeker St.

    I walked Bleeker all the way to the village until I almost gave up and then I saw it.

    The pizza was definitely impressive, we got two pies...a large half cheese half sliced meatball and a small cheese. The small cheese was definitely the better of the two pies but both were good.

    Pizza was thinner than Dom's but I think the sauce may have been better. The dough seemed to have a 'sweet' taste to it, which I haven't tasted before.

    All in all, I liked DiFara way better...maybe it was the pizza, maybe it was the atmosphere, maybe it was just Dom. I'll definitely be going back to both places soon.

    (I did pass Patsy's near NYU, the new location, I haven't heard good things about it though so I decided just to pass on by.)