• #1 by cheeze_pizza on 20 Nov 2018
  • I've been wanting to experiment with Dark Rye Flour in my dough mix for some time now. I've finally gotten around to the first couple test runs. I normally use bread flour and whole wheat flour with vital wheat gluten, so I thought I would test out replacing the wheat flour with rye. I use about 75g whole wheat to 460g bread flour, so I tried 75g of the dark rye flour. I would say while it did give the dough a little bit of darker speckling I could not discern a difference in taste or structure.

    My second experiment, which is currently ongoing is 200g dark rye flour and 335g bread flour. I made the dough Saturday (I've been also experimenting with 5-7 days cold proofing as of late), and I intend to take it out and let it rise tonight, then portion balls and back into the fridge until Saturday's pizza night. This dough is much darker and seemed to rise more slowly, so I feel like this might actually be quite different in the final product.

    Here is a picture from the first day during the initial rise. The dark rye flour is on the left. (Boreg dough in the center, and Detroit style dough on the right) I'll get some more pictures as I work through this experiment and post them.

    Until next time...

  • #2 by cheeze_pizza on 24 Nov 2018
  • Well the dough was a bit dense and tougher to work than my normal dough even at 7 days. The rye flavor was much more pronounced on these pizzas. I made a pair of Capricciosas [tomato sauce, mozzarella, prosciutto, mushroom, artichoke, black olives] and a pizza with leftovers from thanksgiving. The leftovers pizza had gravy, smoked turkey, roasted carrots, and green beans from the green bean casserole. Here is how they turned out!  :chef:

    I think I would try the same mix again, but next time I'm only going to do an overnight ferment in the fridge and see how that works out. I'm even curious about adding caraway seeds into the dough on the next run.

  • #3 by charbo on 25 Nov 2018
  • I put a little rye in my whole wheat dough once.  While it was good for other bread, I just didn't think it was good in pizza.