Do you believe in Xmass.....Pizza?

Started by Villa Roma, December 21, 2007, 01:38:37 AM

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Villa Roma

Every year about this time we head to the card rack at the local store. Drawn, almost by instinct, like cattle we forage through the tasteless selection of holiday offerings, too often, only to be left unfulfilled. It doesn't have to be this way!

Want to do something special for the holidays? Skip the card rack and send Xmas pizza instead. Look at it as a kind of edible Xmas card. You won't be depleting the rain forest and nothing says you care more than an edible Xmas card. Satisfy your hunger and take care of your holiday greetings in one fell swoop!

The careful observer may notice that I spelled Xmas with a double S. You may be thinking, was Villa partaking of too much egg nog or maybe hanging out with Dan Quayle, or both?

Well, I can't lay claim to being the worlds greatest speller but there is a logical explanation to all of this. You see, I'm originally from Massachusetts so as you can readily see, this card has dual meaning. Not only is it an Xmas card but also makes the bold, yet covert statement that I'm an ex resident of Massachusetts. For some reason it just doesn't look right without the double S. Anyway, I think this idea could have mass appeal.

Happy holidays.....Villa Roma


haha nice.  well good thing you got out of mass... you are no longer a 'mass-hole' as we call you in maine... ;-)
Make me a bicycle CLOWN!

Villa Roma

 :-D Funny stuff. Yeah, I left 30 years ago. I go back to visit every few years but it isn't the same. They put a T station in our sleepy little town and that opened the floodgates of people from the Boston area. Ironically, we call them Boston a$$holes!

    Villa Roma