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Title: Hi gluten flour brands
Post by: Nathan on January 24, 2004, 09:20:19 PM
Has anyone ever used BSM (Bay State Milling) "Bouncer Premium High Gluten Flour?  Or "Primo Gusto Italian Products" hi-gluten flour?  I'm trying to find something cheaper than King Arthur bread flour that I can buy in bulk locally instead of having to get 5# bags all the time.  There's a Gordon Food Service here in town and they have those two brands in stock at their store.  

They also have Golden Lion hi-gluten and another one that says "HI-GLUTEN "FULL POWER" FLOUR" but I'd have to order 50# of those two and I don't really want to have to buy that much.  

I just picked up a bag of the Bouncer high gluten and I'm going to give it a try but I wanted to ask here to see if anyone has tried any of these.

Thanks for any info you can provide.
Title: Re:Hi gluten flour brands
Post by: Nathan on January 25, 2004, 04:37:39 PM
I made dough with the Bouncer high gluten last night.  It's definitely not the same as King Arthur.  I ended up using more bench flour than I ever use with the KA but it didn't turn out too bad.  After I let it rise at room temp until it doubled, I portioned it out and decided to make one because I had company and they wanted to try it.  I let it rise for another half hour or so and tried to make a NY.  It ripped  ???  I wasn't able to stretch it right.  I think I probably added too much flour but it was pretty sticky  :-\  I used to have the same problem when I tried to use fresh dough but lately using KA I've been able to use it fresh and hand toss it with no problems.  I have 4 more ready to go in the fridge and I plan on making one later tonight so I'll post a pic after I make it.  
Title: Re:Hi gluten flour brands
Post by: Steve on January 26, 2004, 12:26:45 PM
Let us know your results.

When the dough tears, it can be many things. What you're looking for is a good "baker's window". While you're kneading the dough, stop, then take a small piece of dough and flatten it into a disc. Then, pinch it between your thumb and forefinger on each hand and stretch it so that the dough is very thin and translucent (hence "window"). If you can get a good window without any tearing, then you've properly kneaded the dough and it can rise. If it tears, try kneading a little longer to develop the gluten.
Title: Re:Hi gluten flour brands
Post by: Nathan on January 26, 2004, 05:17:34 PM
Thanks for the tips but I have a question.  I always check for the window pane and I've kneaded at least one batch of dough for about an hour and a half total trying to achieve it :-[.  But I've noticed that if I stop kneading and tear a piece off right away while kneading it usually always tears.  But if I let it relax for 5-10 minutes (I always take 5-10 minute breaks while kneading because I don't own a mixer and have to do it by hand) I get the window pane.  Has anyone else had this happen or is it just me?  I just assumed it was because the dough was really "stiff" from being kneaded.  Usually I don't have a problem if I get the window pane and I'm pretty sure that this is the first batch of dough that I got a nice pane and had the dough tear  ???

I ended up using over a cup of bench flour with this because it was so sticky.  And the only change from what I normally do was the flour.  I emailed Bay State Milling to see what the protein percentage is in this flour because they don't list any info on their site or on the bag and I haven't gotten a response yet (not a good sign if you ask me).  I'm going to make at least one more batch with this flour and see if I can get it to work but I'm not impressed so far.  This stuff is bleached and bromated too  :-X
Title: Re:Hi gluten flour brands
Post by: Pierre on January 31, 2004, 06:26:01 PM
of all the flour manufacturers, I have not yet seen one giving or willing to give so much information on their products like King Arthur does on their Website.

None go into so much detail about their flours (especially the professional series of flour) as King Arthur. Giving a complete Farinograph with absorption rates, protein level and Ash level. They are also very consistent in their quality from Lot to Lot with a deviation of just +-0.2% on protein.

As to bleaching agents and Bromates, King Arthur and a few others do not use them. Bromates are banned in most western European countries (carcinogenic) and as far as I know in California and a few other US States it is not banned but must be labeled. It is just a very cheap fermentation accelerator and is often used to accelerate production rates and of course profits.

Here in Germany and France only Ascorbic Acid is allowed to enhance fermentation (necessary to "ripen" flour and to improve gluten quality).

Unfortunately, King Arthur products are not sold here in Germany or France. If I had the choice I would stick to it. As far as I know, the most active members here use it preferably and have good or great results.

Title: Re:Hi gluten flour brands
Post by: Pierre on January 31, 2004, 06:38:46 PM
here's a link to a PDF file titled "Wheat & Grain Flours". I think some of you may find it very informative. (