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Title: Phil's Pizzeria - Montvale, NJ
Post by: Glutenboy on May 21, 2022, 02:54:46 PM
Hi, All,

It's been a while.  When I was very little, I refused to eat pizza despite my parents' insistence that I'd love it.  Then one day, when I was about six, I watched Barney Rubble chomp into a pizza on The Flintstones, and I had a change of heart.  Living in North Jersey in the early 70s, good pizza was abundant, and Phil's, located in a strip mall in Montvale, was known to be the best around.  My dad took me for a slice, and I never looked back.  Phil's is still there, but it's changed hands, miraculously only once in all that time.  I've eaten there since.  The pizza has definitely gone downhill.  One day, I got a wild hair and searched it on YouTube.  This video came up.  This is Tony, one of the original owners -- the other guy's name was Enzo -- still there making the pies in 1983, and still putting on a show.

- GB (